How to save money this Thanksgiving with YP Grocery

Diana Chan October 4, 2017 Promotion, Tech

With a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving dinner, it can cost anywhere from $250 to over $350 on average. My family and I have a huge thanksgiving dinner every year and it definitely is not cheap. With costs going up each year, there is an easy way to see coupons and deals from your local stores all in one place. This Thanksgiving, be thankful for cost savings this year with YP Grocery.

The YP Grocery App is free and the digital grocery experience allows consumers to create shareable grocery lists, browse the best deals from your favourite stores, keep all your loyalty cards in a virtual holder, and more. You can find 500+ flyers from 6,000+ stores across Canada, syndicating all the best deals from stores you already shop at, right to your phone. Definitely easy to manage shared grocery lists, compare prices, price match, and find deals and coupons to save on your grocery bill.

Based on a case study that tracked deals on ingredients for a typical turkey dinner over a one week period, dinner hosts can save over 25% on their groceries just by using the YP Grocery app. For a $337 dinner, this could save shoppers up to $86 at the same stores where they already shop.

Start planning your Thanksgiving meal for this long weekend and begin saving at your local grocery stores.

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