Sandbar Seafood Restaurant: $12 Mussel Mania

Diana Chan September 11, 2012 Granville Island, Seafood, Three Beakers, WestCoast

The Sandbar Restaurant has a happy hour special for mussels called “mussel mania” in their Teredo Lounge. It includes mussels, fries, and a pint of Granville Island Beer for $12. It used to be $10, but prices have risen. You can get this on the weekday from 3-6pm. It’s a good deal considering Sandbar is a bit expensive for dinner.

KoreanGirl, CanuckGirl and I came here to grab a quick bite.

It wasn’t very busy inside, nor was the Teredo Lounge very busy either.

Complementary Bread arrived at the table, but they didn’t give us utensils to spread the butter onto our bread. We had to ask them to give us side plates and cutlery.

Service was very poor from the start of the meal and didn’t improve. We found this was very interesting because the restaurant had lots of staff, but most of them were standing around.

Granville Island Pale Ale is my favorite beer since it’s light and sweet.

The mussels come in 3 sauces of your choice – Thai Curry, Vindaloo, and Tomato Provencal. When the mussels arrive, you think you are getting a bucket of mussels, but the bucket is just for the shells.

Vindaloo Mussels was ordered by me and I did enjoy the sauce. It wasn’t too spicy and coated each mussel nicely. The size of the mussels were fair and there were no complaints.

Tomato Provencal had pieces of chorizo inside. CanuckGirl enjoyed them because of the meat and the mussels.

Thai Curry Mussels was enjoyed by KoreanGirl. She was kinda disappointed by the size once she realized the bucket didn’t contain as my mussels. Looks can be deceiving.

Overall, it was a good-sized snack before dinner. We girls did have a good meal despite the lack in service.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Poor service
  • Weekdays 3-6pm Mussel Mania for $12
We Rate Sandbar Seafood Restaurant:

1535 Johnston St, Creekhouse #102
Vancouver, BC


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