Sal y Limon: Marinated Perfection

Diana Chan June 8, 2013 Four Beakers, Mexican, Mount Pleasant/Main Street

Sal Y Limon

My coworker told me about a fantastic place in Vancouver called Sal y Limon. They sell authentic mexican cuisine such as burritos, tacos, tortas, and other things too. They are located in a small plaza on Kingsway and Fraser close to Le Faux Bourgeois.

I came with my M and Scarface for dinner around 8:30pm, they close at 9pm, but with the nice weather and still tons of light in the sky, they stayed open longer.

Sal Y Limon

The interior isn’t impressive, but what is impressive is their food. Don’t let the interior scare you. The prices are quite good and all items are under $10.

Sal Y Limon

They have a good selection of sauces to go with your food. Anything from a little spicy to DIABLO. It was fun trying a few of them to see what spice level we could handle. My favorite was the avocado sauce. Yum!

Sal Y Limon

Horchata ($2) is a traditional Mexican drink made of cinnamon, almonds, sesame seeds, rice and barley. It’s white, so it totally looks like milk. If you are here and see people with cups of white liquid, it’s their horchata. I really love their horchata! It’s good! It had a hint of coconut flavour too. It pairs nicely with the food.

Sal Y Limon

Al Pastor taco ($2.25) and Cordero al Cilantro taco ($2.25). The taco has 2 layers of the corn tortilla and above it is the beautifully marinated meat with the cilantro and onions. It does look simple, but these tacos are awesome. Throw some of their hot sauces on it and let the flavours sing in your mouth. The only downside is that the meat can be a bit oily.

Sal Y Limon

Al Pastor Burrito ($8.50) has marinated pork and pineapples with all the other ingredients inside. I’m not a picky eater, so I asked them to put everything in it. I didn’t taste any pineapples inside, but I didn’t mind since the burrito did taste amazing. It wasn’t as large as I would have imagined, but it was a good size for dinner.


Carne Asada Con Queso ($8.75) has cheese and grilled beef with all the other ingredients inside. When M took a bite, his face just began smiling because it’s been a while since he’s had a good burrito.

Overall, we did enjoy eating at Sal y Limon and would return for their burritos and tacos. They have a good selection of authentic Mexican drinks too! You can find Mexican Coca Cola!! That stuff is better than our regular coke since it’s sweetened with cane sugar.

We Rate Sal y Limon:  

701 Kingsway, Unit #5
Vancouver, BC


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