Sai Kung Cafe & Bakery: Cookies, Pineapple Buns, and Poo-shaped Cakes

Diana Chan November 30, 2012 Chinese, Sai Kung

Sai Kung Cafe and Bakery (西貢咖啡餅店) is known for their fresh egg tarts and pineapple buns. During the busy season, they can sell up to 1,000 egg tarts a day. There are lots of hungry people on the weekend that will line up to have those 2 items.

When we were just eating lunch in the Sai Kung area, my aunt just had to get a few pineapple buns…as the foodie that I am, I had to get a few random items from this bakery to try later.

They have some crazy cakes on display! There’s one shaped like poo and another one like a hedgehog. Cute and unique.

Loaf of Walnut Bread was a bit dry.

Pineapple bun (sorry its’ butchered) It was cut up before I could take a picture. It wasn’t as good as right out of the oven from the shop. If you want to taste this at it’s finest, eat it when you get it from the shop.

Horlick and Walnut Cookies were very cute. The taste was OK, but the texture of the cookie was really hard.

Chocolate and Walnut Cookie was hard as well but the flavour was ok.

Overall, the baked good are alright and nothing super amazing. The main stars of Sai Kung Cafe and Bakery is the egg tarts and pineapple buns. All the western items they make aren’t spectacular.

We Rate Sai Kung Cafe & Bakery:

6-7 Kam Po Court, 2 Hoi Pong Square,
Sai Kung

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