Safari Cafe: A Hidden Gem

Diana Chan February 10, 2013 Cafe, Strathcona, Three Beakers

Safari Cafe

Safari Cafe is a small coffee shop in the Strathcona area outside of Chinatown. I’ve passed by the place a few times and I basically think everything is sketchy in this area. Clearly, I am wrong. One day, my coworkers decided to go for a coffee run and told me this place is the place to go for coffee.

This place was busy around 10am on a Friday. All the seats were occupied and there was a long lineup. This told me that Safari Cafe is definitely a secret gem in the neighbourhood.

Safari Cafe

The drink menu isn’t extensive, but there are the usual items. The thing about Safari Cafe is that you never know what they will charge you. Sometimes you pay less than whats indicated on the board or sometimes they will give you get a large instead of a medium. It all depends on how the owners mood is.

Safari Cafe

Adam makes all the drinks and is a killer baker too.

Safari Cafe

Adam even has his own painting on the wall!

Safari Cafe

I ordered a medium latte, but Adam gave me a large latte and only charged me $3. I was very surprised and very confused at the same time. I guess he was in a very happy mood that day. Clearly, very unpredictable. The coffee tasted great and no complaints. I’ll definitely be back!

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1007 Main St
Vancouver, BC

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