Rouge Bistro: New Restaurant near Olympic Village


There’s a new cozy bistro called Rouge Bistro located on 2nd Ave and Manitoba. Just right outside the Olympic Village. It has only been open for the last month and a half. I’ve actually come here a few time during my lunch hour because they have very homey tasting sandwiches and soups.

I’ve never had anything I was disappointed with . The shop is a family owned business and they want to provide customers with yummy food that makes them smile. Plus, most items on their menu is under $10. Perfect for the lunch hour.


There aren’t a lot of seats, but I haven’t found it a problem yet. It’s not too busy, so you will still find a seat. As they are still new, I can see this place being quite busy in a few months.


Their menu is mostly comprised of salads, sandwiches, soups and daily specials. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but they have a good selection for lunch.


Wild Salmon Walnut Pesto Sandwich ($9) and it comes with a side of soup. The side of soup I chose was mushroom and it was good! Lots of mushrooms were in it and it was quite yummy.


There was a lot of the salmon in it and they do not skimp out at all! It tasted very good and healthy. Plus, I was super stuffed when I finished it all!


The Roast Beef Sandwich ($9) and a side of broccoli soup. This was a simple meal but it tasted so good. I don’t know what their secret is, but it was just really good.


The owner comes in here every morning to roast his beef and lamb before the lunch rush. Inside the sandwich is mushrooms, cheddar and the roasted beef. I think the reason why it tasted so good is because everything is fresh! The beef was still very moist and flavourful.


Chicken Soup, Quinoa Chickpea peanut sauce salad, Chicken Seaweed Salad was a nice trio for lunch if you wanted something a tad healthier.


Curried Quarter Chicken ($9) comes with your choice of breast or leg/thigh. I chose the leg/thigh because I love dark meat and its juicier. This also comes with a side of soup! The soup this day was french onion soup. This chicken was really good and it has a few chunk of potatoes on the bottom.


Overall, I love coming here to have lunch. Everything is fresh and delicious, with great prices. Having been here 3 times without any disappointment, I think this place is pretty solid. All my coworkers love Rouge Bistro too. It’s refreshing to have a good place to eat close to Science World without having to go to the usual places like Tap and Barrel or Craft.

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91 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC

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