Rosemary Rocksalt: Bagels and Montreal Smoked Meat


Rosemary Rocksalt is a great place for bagels with Montreal smoked meat. Rosemary Rocksalt is the sister restaurant of Seigel’s Bagels. They have one location in North Vancouver and recently opened a new location on Main Street in Vancouver. They serve up Montreal-style bagels and they delicious!


The interior is nice and simple. All items are under $10 and makes for great snack or lunch.


They also have Rugolach, which is a Jewish pastry in the form of a crescent by rolling a triangle of dough around a filling.


Boylan Black Cherry Soda is sold here and M loves his cherry sodas.


Morning Bagel ($6.50) has Montreal Smoked meat, cheddar and egg. I chose it on the everything bagel.I like the texture of all the nuts and seeds on top of it.


You can see the cross-section of the smoked meat, cheddar and egg. Great for breakfast.


Montreal Smoked Meat (Reg – $9) on a Rosemary Rocksalt bagel. It also comes with a pickled.



It was delicious! The Montreal smoked meat bagel was great, tender and full of flavour.


Fries were ordered too. M needed some extra carbs since he was really hungry. The fries were ok, but nothing special.

Overall, the bagels are great and that Montreal Smoked meat is mighty delicious. Highly recommended.

We Rate Rosemary Rocksalt

2515 Main St
Vancouver, BC


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