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Diana Chan December 1, 2010 Bar and Grill, Four Beakers, Kitsilano

Romer’s Burger Bar is the new burger joint in town. They serve up gourmet burgers with the freshest ingredients and stay true to being sustainable.

Romer’s Burger Bar has parking on the side, you will have to enter from the back alley. It is pay parking, so expect to pay $1.50 per hour. If you are impatient, this may be a better solution than stalking parking stalls and spending 15 mins roaming the block. (I try to be cheap and find free parking…but sometimes it just too hard).

The inside really does look like a bar. Tons of screens to see the game, lots of seating, and great interior decor.

M started off with the Fentiman’s cola ($4). This is a botanically brewed soda. I am not sure what that means, but it must mean something good. This cola had very strong flavours compared to Pepsi or Coca Cola. You can tell the makers of this soda took their time and care into producing them. It tastes like liquified cola balls…those silver candy balls.

TaiwaneseGirl had the Wicked Deadly Cheese Burger ($10). It had all-natural beef, plenty of cheese, red onion, Tuscan greens, tarragon Russian dressing.

I had the Magic Mushroom ($10), which had all-natural beef, plenty of chopped BC portobellos, arugula, herb and garlic Boursin cheese, and caramelized onions. With one bite, you can really taste the fresh ingredients used in the sandwich. It was very flavourful compared to other burgers i’ve had. The bun was very light and fluffy so you get the full taste of the mushrooms and the patty. The burger does not come with any sides…so you have to order a side.

In addition, I got the Fresh Garlic with tasted Sea Salt ($4) as my side. Wow, was the garlic fresh! It was raw garlic and it very potent. I think it would be better if the garlic was fried to bring out a more savory taste. Perhaps i should have gotten some dipping sauce to dull the strong taste. I should have brought some mints with me because my breathe was vile! At least I kept the vampires away.

M got the righteous rib burger ($12), it had all-natural beef, thick-sliced applewood bacon, braised short ribs, sweet onions, Gorgonzola garlic sauce, fresh thyme leaves. M could tell this was a very healthy type of burger with really good ingredients.

M got the GORGONZOLA GARLIC SAUCE serrano chili, and applewood bacon fries ($7) for his side. He thought it was ok, but way overpriced for $7.

Overall, Romers Burger Bar was a good experience. All the ingredients used in all their food really shined through. I can really say Romer’s Burger Bar sells gourmet burgers. The good balance of ingredients and the rich succulent taste can’t be matched by any typical burger joint. But, be expected to pay a bit more than your average burger.

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