Rolltation: Roll Your Own Sushi Burrito in Toronto

Colette October 29, 2017 Fusion, Toronto

As someone who grew up on the West Coast, sushi is considered a basic food group. So when I moved to Toronto and heard about this magical invention that took my favourite fresh elements of sushi and rolled in into my drunk food of choice…I was very intrigued.

Last week, I attended the opening party for Rolltation’s newest restaurant at Yonge and Carlton. This is Rolltation’s third location in Toronto and their first franchised location. The restaurant is bright, with light wood accents and a Toronto graffiti mural wall. There is some booth and bar seating, but the restaurant is definitely geared for the grab & go customers.

We munched on octopus takoyaki balls as the owner introduced the new location.

Each of the guests were invited to roll their own sushi burrito. First, we watched the servers press the sushi rice onto the seaweed. Next I chose raw tuna as my protein. There’s also raw salmon and cooked beef, chicken, shrimp or tofu. For my vegetables, I chose cucumber, carrot and cabbage. My sauce of choice was the Sriracha Mayo. Finally, I topped it with tamago, tobiko and avocado. I definitely had a lot of fun choosing all my toppings because there was a large variety of fresh Japanese, Asian-inspired and vegetarian ingredients.

The sushi burrito was hard to roll (because I got so greedy with my toppings – no regrets), but thanks to some expert advice from the owner Chris, I managed to compress my hefty baby into something that sort of resembled a sushi burrito.

My masterpiece!

If you are the sort of person that gets overwhelmed by too many options, you can select from the eight signature burrito options, or several poke and salad options. Prices rage for the sushi burritos range from $9 to $15 and the portion sizes are large and filling.

If you’re looking for a personalized, fresh & filling lunch, check out Rolltation at 3 Carlton Street. Or you can order it online for pick up or from the Foodora app for delivery.

3 Carlton St, Toronto


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