The Rolling Dough: New Pizza Place in Burnaby

Diana Chan September 21, 2014 Italian, North Burnaby, pizza, Three Beakers


The Rolling Dough is a new pizza place in North Burnaby, which opened on August 2014. I often go to Gaya Sushi next door, so I was quite curious to try this place out when it opened. M and I came here to grab takeout for lunch as we noticed they had a few promotional deals going on. We ordered 2 medium pizzas and it took about 20 minutes to be completed. We called ahead of time so we didn’t have to wait.


Inside the store is their large stone pizza oven that they use to make all their pizza.


Making lots of pizza all day everyday, except on Sundays.


They have 3 sizes of pizzas – 8″, 12″ and 14″. They roll our their dough everyday and try to use local produce where possible. Nothing is frozen or premade.


There are a few seats inside and outside, but most people do takeout.


M and I did a pick up order since we wanted to eat it at home. Too bad they don’t deliver.


The Rolling Dough Chicken (12″ – $18) has roasted chicken breast, monterey jack cheese, salsa verde, cilantro, and Feta Cheese on the thin crust.


Meat Lovers (12″ – $17.50) comes with ham, pepperoni and spicy Italian sausage on top of the thin crust.


Both pizzas were quite thin and did stay crispy after we took it home.


The toppings held together nicely and did not fall apart.


Taking a few bites of each pizza, it’s very different from Panago or Dominos.  It’s much thinner crust and not as oily. The pizzas were average, but didn’t feel like they were worth the price because of their thin crust and you won’t get as full. Do keep an eye out for promos on their website as they do have some good deals. When we got 2 medium pizzas, the second one was 30% off.

If you are looking for a late night pizza joint, their hours are short and only open till 9pm.

We Rate The Rolling Dough

2900 Bainbridge Ave
Burnaby, BC


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