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Diana Chan September 20, 2010 Four Beakers, Seafood, Yaletown

MedicalGiraffe and I went here because we both love oysters. Rodney’s Oyster House is really popular and has a great “low tide” option between 3pm to 6pm! $1.50 per oyster…who wouldn’t want that? (I guess if you don’t like oysters…then you probably wouldn’t like it).

The inner décor reminded me of the décor in a boat because of all the ropes and nets hanging inside. Even the exterior of the restaurant makes you think of the ocean with the white wooden panels. The ambiance was quite nice and what added a big PLUS was how friendly the staff was.

Their menu’s are even on a piece of wood. Very different from most restaurants I’ve been to.

We sat at the bar in front of the clam steamer contraption and had really good conversation with the Oyster Shucker man and the other guy in charge of making all the steamed mussels.

We started off with a glass bottle of Coke and a bottle of Keiths. All bottled and nothing super special.

We decided since its 3pm, we should get a dozen of the oysters from the low tide menu. We even watched the Oyster Shucker man prepare it. He even went step by step on how he goes about shucking them.

As we waited patiently, we got some bread with butter.

When the oysters arrived, it came with a whole platter of sauces – Worchester sauce, 2 types of Tabasco sauce, vodka pepper sauce, and 4 of their house sauces.

The low tide oysters were the Fanny Bay Oysters.  Fanny Bay Oysters are from BC and they have firm meat, a mild brininess and a pronounced cucumber finish. I enjoyed them. We tried the different sauces on them as well.

The vodka pepper sauce was horrible in my opinion. It really just tasted like vodka.

The Worchester sauce, and the 2 Tabasco sauce are all the standard type of sauces to put on oysters. It’s really worth trying their house sauces for the unique taste, which you can’t buy from stores.

The sauces on the right side are quite mild and works their way to a sauce called “Back from Hell”. I reassure you, that sauce is hot and will leave a stinging sensation in your mouth even if you put a little tiny bit of it. If you have the will power to test it out for your self, why not.

As we were eating the oysters and talking to the Oyster Shucker Man, we got a lot of samples of the different types of oysters to see how oysters are really different. We had – kumamoto, stellar bay, some other one that I don’t remember. Some were creamy, some were really salty, and the other was sweet. 6 free oysters and we were really happy!

After eating a dozen and a half oysters, we decided to have the pan fried oysters, which apparently is one of their other specialties. I lost the picture of my camera, so I can’t show you but they were golden brown and had a nice nutty flavour to them. This dish came to about $10.

In total we spent around $40.

Rodney’s Oyster House is probably one of the best places to go to if you want to get your Oyster craving out of your system…or make you come back for more until you run out of money.  Go between 3pm and 6pm because that is when you get most of the deals.

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