Robba da Matti: Date Night in Yaletown

Jenn Semilla January 16, 2019 Italian, Yaletown

Robba da Matti feels like the small, cozy restaurant you found by chance on a stroll while on vacation that became the highlight of your trip.

They offer authentic Italian food with signature ingredients flown in from their suppliers in Italy. The menu features a combination of specialties from the two chefs’ regional origins: one is from Rome and one is from south of Puglia.


The space is cozy. There were about 22 chairs inside the main dining area and about as many in the enclosed, heated patio.

You can see, smell, and hear your food being made. It’s small but it’s not cramped–the simple decor, warm lighting, open kitchen, and well choreographed dinner service by the staff provided a very comfortable ambience.

Date Night Menu

We were invited to try their Date Night menu, which include your choice from the antipasti, pasta and dessert menu, plus a bottle of wine.

The Date Night offer is part of their regular menu, but it is perfect for Valentine’s Day, a celebratory date night, or when you want to treat yo’ self to an amazing Italian dinner. It’s also a great way to try multiple items in their menu.

Upon placing our order, we were provided olives and our wine.

Proscuitto & Burrata

The date night menu includes 2 antipasti, Yaletown antipasto or proscuitto & burrata to share. We chose the proscuitto & burrata since it features one of their signature ingredient.

Robba da Matti import their signature burrata mozzarella directly from Puglia, Italy. It’s creamy, fresh and pairs perfectly with the prosciutto. The bread is served warm. It’s a good size to share between two people.

Osso buco & rissotto alla Milanese

This classic dish from Milan is hearty and full of rich flavours. The braised beef shank is cooked for up to 14 hours, and has the texture and depth of flavour that can only be achieved with cooking it slowly. The saffron risotto was perfectly cooked, it was creamy but still had some bite. I was pleasantly surprised that the saffron did not overpower other flavours. The gremolata cuts through the rich flavours and brightens the dish. If you’re eating this, please don’t forget to eat the bone marrow!

Pappardelle “Rosche Rosche”

This is a dish I will keep ordering. The meat and sauce is cooked for 8 hours, then served on a bed of pasta made in-house. It’s hearty, delicious and tastes like quintessential comfort food. The braised beef short rib melts in your mouth, and the sauce adheres nicely to the pasta so each bite is full of flavour. Please try this dish in your first visit.

Lavender crème brûlée and mousse di fragole

The date night menu also includes two dessert items. I usually opt to share one dessert item with my partner, so this is such a treat!

The crème brûlée had a delicate lavender flavour. The extra thick caramelized sugar crust on top balances the herbal taste in the custard.

The mousse di fragole is a family recipe from one of the chefs. It’s a chocolate mousse made with dark Belgian chocolate and topped with…even more dark chocolate. It’s airy, flavourful, and a must-try for dark chocolate lovers.

Final Thoughts

The date night menu from Robba da Matti offers great value for amazing authentic Italian food. It’s perfect for having your favourite and trying something new!

The portion size is generous, and does not compromise the quality and taste. Their service was wonderful and all servers seamlessly tended our table. My final advice would be to order extra bread on the side, so you can use it to sop up the remainder of your pasta sauce.

1127 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC


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