River Rock Buffet: Surf and Turf Night


The Buffet at the River Rock Casino in Richmond has Surf and Turf Night on Fridays and Saturdays starting at 5pm. They do not take reservations and can get very busy around 6 and 7pm. Always best to arrive early.


For $39.95 per adult, it’s not a bad price.

They can seat up to 260 people at one time but it is packed during peak times with hungry people wanting all you can eat. Their dishes are inspired by West Coast cuisine.


Since I was leaving on vacation soon, we had to celebrate Mother’s Day earlier. Not a bad thing since it is cheaper.


The line was super long that it flowed out of the lobby.


The staff were pretty good about treating their guests well. They brought lemonade to those who were thirsty.


We got seated about waiting in line for 1.5 hours. We did have a larger group, so it was harder for them to seat us.


Once we sat down, staff came over to take our drink order. Then it was off to scavenge for food in the buffet area.


Crab, clams, prawns and mussels


This should be the first area you go to if you are a seafood lover. The quality is pretty good for a buffet. You gotta get your money’s worth.


The staff are pretty good about making sure that it doesn’t get empty. When I was here, it was always fully stocked.


If you aren’t into cold seafood, they have hot versions near the back. There is cooked salmon, clams, mussel, prawns, and crab legs.


On my first round, I got a little bit of all the seafood. Between the cold and hot crab legs, I enjoyed the cold ones a lot more since it was easier to get the meat out of the shell. With the hot ones, the meat doesn’t slide out very well from the shell and also your hands get more oily.

The other clams, mussels and shrimp were good. I liked the hot and cold ones equally.


On round 2, I went with all cold seafood since it was easier to eat with my hands. I’m a savage when it comes to eating seafood at a buffet.

Roast Carving Station


At the roast carving station, you will find prime rib, ham, and roast chicken,


I grabbed a bit of prime rib and it was pretty good. Nice and fatty with some pink in the centre. Of  course, I had to get some fruit and veggies to balance all the seafood and meat I was eating.


You can also get prime rib that is a bit more well done.

Sushi Station


At the sushi station, you will find sushi rolls and sashimi. The items didn’t look that great, so I decided to spend my calories on more crab.




The main dessert area has a lot of little cakes. Many kinds, so it might be hard to choose.



You can also grab pop and juice. Behind the machines are taps for filtered water and sparkling water.


Ice Cream


Behind the Pepsi and drink machines, there is ICE CREAM and POPSICLES! A lot of people seem to miss seeing these since its a bit hidden.


Double Chocolate Sundae is a good way to end the meal.


Overall, not a bad buffet at all. If you love seafood, you’ll have a good time eating all the crabs, prawns, clams, and mussels. Of course, it still doesn’t compare to the buffets in Vegas, but at least we have something.

We Rate The Buffet3rated

8811 River Rd
Richmond, BC


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