Ridia Garden: Lunch at Bentall Centre

Diana Chan September 8, 2015 Cafe, Deli, Downtown, lunch, Two Beakers


Scouring for a place to eat lunch is getting quite difficult since I’ve been to a majority of the restaurants in Downtown Vancouver. It was a rainy day, so we decided to go down under into the Bentall Towers but then we realized there’s a good amount of shops and restaurants down there.

One place that caught my eye was Ridia Garden, at first I thought it was a sushi restaurant because of the word ‘garden’. Taking a closer look at the menu, they have Korean dishes as well as a lot of Western food like salad, sandwiches, mac and cheese, and lasagna.


They have a lot of seating inside, so it is quite suitable for bringing a group of coworkers.


Kimchi Fried Rice with Daily Soup was a large portion for lunch. The kimchi fried rice was ok, but it fell a bit flat. It definitely needed a bit more love to it. Perhaps a bit of beef to go with it. Or a fried egg would be amazing.


Japchae is Korean dish made of sweet potato noodles with veggies and beef.  It was a large size too, so Mags had to take half of it back to the office. The noodles and the beef seemed a bit disjointed and you know they were cooked separately.

Overall, the food is acceptable, but not the best. The price is great for the portion.

We Rate Ridia Garden

Bentall 2
206-555 Burrard Street, Vancouver


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  1. Lindsay September 10, 2015 at 6:39 pm

    Hi Diana, big fan of your blog! I work around this area and often go here for lunch. I think they top the japchae with bulgogi, so I think it’s meant to be eaten together but not cooked together, but I can understand what you mean. I love their stone bowl bibimbap and soft tofu soup! You should try it sometime if you happen to swing by again!

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