‘Reptar on Ice’ Chocolate Bar and Deluxe Reptar Bar: Review

Diana Chan December 18, 2018 product

Nickelodeon and FYE in the United States have teamed up to create a holiday version of their famous Rugrats, Reptar bar – Reptar On Ice. I missed getting their original Reptar Bars last year, so I made sure not to miss it again. They have also released their larger Deluxe Reptar Bars shaped like Reptar.

Reptar on Ice

The bars come in a 5 pack and individually wrapped. It makes for great gifts to give friends and family who have a bit of 90’s nostalgia. I remember watching Rugrats on TV and Reptar was the coolest dinosaur around. It’s great that they finally made the bars in real life for fans to indulge in.

Each bar is made up of milk chocolate and the centre has a bright blue frosting that will turn your tongue ice blue. The bar tastes ok like any other milk chocolate bar. The fun part is really just the blue colour lurking inside.

Deluxe Reptar Bar

There are 2 versions of this – one with the Christmas Tree Packaging and another with Snow packaging. Both have the same Reptar Bar inside. You can’t go wrong with either as its just aesthetic.

It has green frosting filled caramel milk chocolate with peanut crunch. Once you take it out of the package, you can really smell the sweet caramel milk chocolate.

When you bite inside, you can see that green frosting that will turn your tongue green. Green like Reptar.

Final Thoughts

I would still get this again either of the Reptar Bars and give this out to friends as it’s so iconic to those who grew up in the 90s. Get it before it’s gone because it won’t last long.


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  1. Connie Leung December 21, 2018 at 10:48 pm

    Where can you get this? And Rugrats.. The classic cartoon show back in the 90’s!! My generation was more Flinstone’s and Jetsons, haha

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