Reno’s: Gotta Love the ‘Greasy Spoon’ Cafes

Reno’s is located on the ground floor of the Lee Building on Broadway and Main street. They sell cheap and affordable food! Most of the items on their menu is a little bit Canadian and Chinese, but you still have the breakfast classics.

Munchkie’s Munchies took me here for some brunch since it’s been on her ‘To Eat’ list forever.

To order, you line up at the counter and pay first. Then they will give you a number to wait at your seat.

Tea ($1.25)

Pancake Special ($5.95) comes with 2 pancakes, 2 sausages, 2 strips of bacon and eggs.

It’s a good price for what you get, but you can hear more about what Angela thought about them on her blog – Munchkie’s Munchies.

#3 Special ($6.95) + Side of Sausages (2.95) the special comes with hamburger steak, eggs, potatoes, toast and then additional order of the 3 sausages. I’m pretty sure the hamburger was just frozen and then cooked. The eggs were a bit bland, but if you throw some salt and pepper or some tabasco sauce it’ll be better.

Toast was the usual toast. You can choose from white, brown, or multi-grain bread.It’s buttered and you get a little container of jam.

Overall, the food was decent and at good prices. It’s a place with no frills type of food.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Paid street parking nearby
  • Under $10
  • Lots of seating
  • You can even order Chinese food here

We Rate Reno’s:
151 E Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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