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Renfrew Cafe just opened up a few months ago. They are located a few blocks away from PNE and Playland. Their boutique cafe serves fusion Asian & Western pies (both savoury and sweet), as well as a range of specialty coffees.


They use local, natural ingredients in their savoury and sweet pies. The pies are served fresh and made from scratch on site every day. They brew a rotating selection of coffee from Elysian Coffee and serve single origin teas from Oollo Tea.


The interior is nice, cozy and clean. It’s a good quiet place to get some work done or a chat with a friend.




Cappuccino (6oz – $3.50) was delicious and beautifully put together.


Iced Coffee ($3.50) is brewed to order with an aeropress and then iced.


 Mushroom and Spinach Pie ($7) has sautéed mushroom & spinach, all natural mozzarella cheese from Scardillo Cheese and homemade tomato sauce. This pie is pretty awesome and it smiles back at you. Instagram worthy!

I liked the balance of flavours and it reminded me of a calzone instead of a pie due to the shape. This one was my personal favourite.


Beef and Kimchi Pie ($7) is made of all natural beef brisket from Okanagan with locally made kimchi.


Ham and Cheese Pie ($7) is made of all natural ham from Johnston’s in Chillwack, all natural mozzarella cheese from Scardillo Cheese, homemade tomato sauce and organic pineapples.

This reminded us of a Hawaiian Pizza.

All 3 savoury pies were on par with each other and had a good combination of ingredients. For $7 a pie, it’s a good size for a snack, but not for a meal to make you full. You probably need 2 or 3 to get full.


Their dessert pies are $4 each and the flavours vary day to day. All of them are delicious when paired with coffee or tea.


Classic Apple ($4) is made with stewed Granny Smith apples with cinnamon.


Mocha Banana Pie ($4) is made with organic bananas, homemade mocha sauce and almond cream.


Very Blueberry Pie ($) is made with stewed all natural blueberries with almond frangipane.


Matcha Mochi Anko Pie ($) is made with Matcha from Kyoto, homemade mochi and anko (Sweet red bean paste).


It’s very good and filled with the mochi and red bean paste, we wished the matcha stood out more. It was hard to taste since it’s sprinkled on top.


They have a few toys in the store to keep kids occupied while you sip away on coffee and devour pies.


Renfrew Cafe is a great addition to the neighbourhood and serves great pies and coffee. Definitely stop by this cute cafe.

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826 Renfrew St
Vancouver, BC


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