Renaissance Coffee: Butter Chicken

Diana Chan July 1, 2011 Cafe, Indian, North Burnaby, Three Beakers

In the Academic Quadrangle at Simon Fraser University, there is a branch of Renaissance Coffee that sells the usual items plus butter chicken! I always see my past coworkers eating it, so I thought to myself, if everyone else is eating, I should try it as well!

Sure enough I tried it with Fabo during lunch.

The butter chicken comes with basmati rice, the butter chicken, side of lettuce and cucumbers. For the price of about $6, it’s not too bad for a lunch on campus.

Since all the sauce is on top, it’s best to stir all the sauce and rice together so it is evenly distributed. I did this and I didn’t have too much issue with the sauce/rice ratio. I also didn’t mix the rice under the salad.

Fabo didn’t mix her sauce and rice, so she really needed more sauce with hers. We also felt that the butter chicken could have had more chicken as well. Chicken was a bit overcooked, tough and dry.

I also got a London Fog. Probably one of my favorite places to get it at campus.

Overall, it was not bad for campus food. KoreanGirl also had it the other day and she thought it was good, but it was not something she would get over and over again. You do get full from this, so it’s a good thing.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Long line ups during peak times
  • Butter chicken at AQ Location
  • Panini’s & soups at Cornerstone Location
  • Usually the greek salad, pasta salad, wraps and yogurt are good choices for quick eats

We rate Renaissance Coffee:


8906 University High St
Burnaby, BC
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