Regina Rolling Robot Tours: Exploring Historic Sites of Wascana

Diana Chan June 28, 2018 Regina, travel

Regina Rolling Robot Tours was highly recommended to us on our trip to Regina. It’s not like everyday we get to ride in style along Wascana Centre on Segways. I’ve been on similar tours around the world and it’s a great way to see the city. For those with mobility issues, it’s actually a really good option as all you need to do is gently lean forward to move straight ahead.

Historic Sites of Wascana Tour

They currently offer 2 tours that last 1.5 hours that are attractive to both locals and tourists – Nature Conservation Tour and Historic Sites of Wascana Tour. As first time visitors to Regina, Historic Sites of Wascana Tour suited us better to learn more about the history of Saskatchewan’s Provincial Government and it’s home in Regina.

This tour would take us to:

  • Saskatchewan Legislative Building
  • Pine Island
  • Albert Street Memorial Bridge
  • Speaker’s Corner
  • Wascana Bandstand
  • Lakeshore Park Kwakiutl Totem Pole
  • Holodomor Statue

As we were on a private tour with the 2 of from Foodology, Jamine made us feel very comfortable and would make any stops if we were wanting to see something in-particular.


Before we began the tour, Jasmine – the Owner and Tour Guide gave us a crash course on how to operate the Segways. My friend was very nervous at first as it was a completely new experience. Within 10 – 15 minutes, she was able to get a hang of operating it but still wasn’t too comfortable going full speed. Jasmine was very encouraging and help her gain more confidence.

Let’s Go

On the other hand, I just observed the training as this wasn’t my first time on a Segway. I ended up trying the Ninebot, which is more compact than a Segway, but it felt great. Safety is a #1 priority, so using cellphones or cameras while on the devices are prohibited. There are plenty of stops on the tour to grab great photos in and around Wascana Centre.

It was actually really nice to keep the devices away. We just enjoy the natural beauty of Wascana Centre and learned more about Regina’s rich history. Did you know, this entire lake is man made? Neither did we!

We lucked out on the weather when we arrived. Our tour was originally on a day where there were thunderstorms and strong wind, so it was cancelled for safety reasons. Fortunately, we were able to be rebooked for the next day before we headed out of town. It was worth the wait.

Lots of great sights along the way especially by the legislature building and garden.

Wrap Up

As we finished our tour, we were given pouches of bird seeds if we wanted to feed the birds around the area. Overall, it was a really fun tour and I would highly recommend it. Great for beginners and expert level Segway riders.


Looking for more recommendations?

A big thanks to Tourism Regina for helping us make the most out of our trip to Regina. Check out their website to help plan your trip to Regina. There are a plethora of activities to do.

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