Red Fish, Blue Fish: Awesome Tacones

RomanJ April 3, 2012 Three Beakers, Victoria, WestCoast

Hello Internet! Roman J here with another review! I went to Victoria with Will, Maku, and Ralph. Any trip to Victoria isn’t complete without seafood. We tried the popular Fish and Chips joint called Red Fish, Blue Fish located in the harbor of Victoria.

When we arrived at Red Fish, Blue Fish the line was ridiculously long. My friends and I waited 45 minutes just to order, then we waited another 10 minute for our order to come out.

There is seating along the pier. People sit on top of upside-down plant pots. Further along the pier, there are stools to sit on and enjoy your meal.

BBQ wild Salmon Ravines Tacones ($5) has sweet smoked chili adobo, pea shoots, and lemon pickled onion. The tacones are delicious. The wild salmon is perfectly seasoned and the flavor just pours out of the fish. Also, the cabbage mixed with lemon-pickled onion adds a refreshing taste.

Chipotle Shrimp Ravines ($5) has million island dressing, pea shoots and lemon-pickled onions. The tacones are packed with shrimp and blends well with the cabbage. Due to the sauce there is a slight of kick of spice.

One Piece Salmon ($10). Maku had the salmon he described it to be juicy. The batter on the salmon is really thin and crispy.

Fish Poutine Add On ($2.50) This is worth it’s value, the fish poutine is huge and comes fully loaded with fries and a chowder chipotle sauce with a mayo base. The sauce has bits and pieces of fish. This sauce is really rich and makes this poutine very filling. I would recommend getting this dish, if you like mayo.

Overall, Red Fish, Blue Fish has a lot to offer in terms of Tacones. They have a large number of Seafood Tacones to choose from. The tacones I had here are probably the best I’ve ever had. I would recommend this place if you have the time to wait and stand in line, if not try another restaurant around the harbor.

Words of Wisdom

  • Long lines
  • Daily specials
  • Good portions sizes

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  1. Anson April 3, 2012 at 10:40 pm

    Hey, Isn’t this the location of where the Top Chef Canada candidate is from?

    • RomanJ April 4, 2012 at 12:45 pm

      Hey Anson, You are right, This is the location of one Canada’s tops Chef, Kunal Ghose. Also Food Network did a Eat Street feature on this Eatery.

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