Ramen Sanpachi (Broadway): Way More Than Just Ramen

Diana Chan October 18, 2011 Izakaya, Japanese, Kitsilano, Three Beakers

I usually go to the Ramen Sanpachi on Robson, but one day CandiedZen and I found ourselves venturing far down Broadway since we couldn’t decide where to eat. Eventually we ended up at Sanpachi kinda close to UBC.  They have a different menu beyond just the typical ramen and sides.

It took me a while to figure out why this place looked so familiar and it was because it use to be Pier 3132.


Tea comes in a cute tiny pot and a cute Japanese cup.

Seaweed Salad ($3.75) is very light and refreshing.

Oyster (3pcs -$4.95) are fresh and is so good. CandiedZen and I actually ordered 2 plates of these since we couldn’t get enough. Tabasco sauce is a must if you want that extra kick.

Beef Tataki ( $5.45) comes with several long strips of the beef. It tasted pretty good but I didn’t like how it was cut so long. I much prefer it cut more into a square-ish shape.

Dynamite Roll ($3.50) just had the shrimp tempura, cucumbers, greens and tobiko wrapped in seaweed and rice. It’s nothing special.

Salmon Croquette ($7.50) comes with 2 pieces of the rice balls with bits of cooked salmon inside. This dish was ok, the salmon pieces were a bit small, so it was hard to really taste the salmon.

 Cha Shu Ramen with Nori Mayo (Half -$8.25), normal and delicious as usual.

 Nori Mayo that comes with the ramen was delicious as usual. It’s best to eat these when they arrive at the table or else the seaweed gets soggy and doesn’t taste as good.

Overall, they do have more variety than the Robson location. I would definitely recommend the ramen and oysters!

Words of Wisdom:

  • Decent ramen at decent price
  • Around $10
  • Combos are my favorite
  • The Izakaya items are a bit expensive for what you get
  • Oysters are good

We rate Sanpachi Ramen:  

They are located at:

3132 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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