Ramen Danbo: Ramen in Kitsilano

Diana Chan July 19, 2015 Japanese, Kitsilano, Ramen, Three Beakers


Ramen Danbo is the newest ramen shop to open up in Vancouver. They are known for their Fukuoka-Style Tonkotsu ramen. Ramen Danbo is a chain restaurant from Japan and the first location in North America.

What makes them unique is that you can customize the ramen you order by selecting

  • amount of spicy tare sauce
  • firmness of noodles
  • amount of lard
  • thickness of broth

At first I was overwhelmed by the amount of choices.


The interior is simple and there aren’t a lot of seats.


Pan-fried yaki gyoza ($4.75) is a crispy pork and scallion dumpling.  Its nice and crisp on the outside and the pork inside is very delicious. Even a little bit of soup comes out.


You can dip them in their gyoza and chili sauce.


Mentaiko Rice ($3.50) has a bed of rice with spicy cod roe, sesame and seaweed. I mixed everything up and there really needs to be more roe. I wouldn’t recommend this. perhaps their Yakibuta chashu pork donburi or yakibuta tanka rice is more flavourful.


Yakibuta Chashu Pork Ramen with soft boiled egg topping ($11.95 + $1.50) it has size chashu slices that are tender and flavourful. The signature tonkotsu broth is delicious. We found the price pretty good since there are six slices of chashu.

If you are still hungry after this, you can order extra noodles for $2 or have a half order for $1.


 Negi-goma Tonkotsu Ramen ($11.45) has scallions and toasted sesame with two slices of chashu pork slices. It is in their signature Tonkotsu pork broth.

I got it with firm noodles and standard amount of lard, thickness, and spice. The options were confusing so I stuck with the standard. It was good, but there is a lot of sesame seeds in it. Check your teeth before you head out of the restaurant because you don’t want to have a teeth full of sesame seed.


They also have garlic paste and pepper at the table if you want to enhance the taste.


Overall, I would say it is my third favourite ramen place in Vancouver. It’s quite subjective based on the type of ramen you like. I still prefer Santouka and Jinya.

We Rate Ramen Danbo:

1833 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver


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