Purebread: Unbelievably Addictive

Diana Chan July 6, 2014 Bakery, British Columbia, Four Beakers


Purebread is one of my favourite bakeries. They don’t have a storefront in Vancouver, but they have one in Whistler and they also make appearances at a lot of the Farmers Markets in Vancouver. They are at the Main Train Station Farmers Market every other week on Wednesday and my coworkers all go crazy when they are there.One week, we rushed right when they opened to see what they had available.


Everything looked amazing and you can find pastries around $3 or $4. I really wanted to get everything, but I had to restrain myself. Plus, the staff are very friendly and helpful if you can’t decide what to get.


Outrageous Brownie ($3.50) was really rich and delicious! It was a really large portion too! You could easily cut this up into 4 pieces and share. Plus it goes great with a glass of milk.


Crack ($3.50) was delicious and reminded me of Momofuku’s Crack Pie. It probably has lots of brown sugar and butter. Nonetheless, it is mighty addictive.


Jalapeno Cheddar Scone was AMAZING! The flavours were spot on and I fell in love with scones. Mmmmmm just come here and get a scone, you will not regret it.

Overall, I loved everything I tried and I would definitely come here everyday if I could somehow find them. Highly recommend you find them in Whistler or at one of the local farmers market.

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