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Diana Chan October 26, 2014 Bakery, Cafe, Downtown, Four Beakers


Purebread Bakery finally opened in Vancouver! They are a Whistler-based family bakery that makes some addictive treats. For the last little while, they have been at various Farmers Markets in Vancouver. I would plan to go to the Vancouver Farmers Market near Main Street Skytrain every other week to get a taste of their scones and brownies. They are crazy delicious.


When you walk inside, you will see the plethora of baked goods on the counters! There are so many things to look at. I was a bit over whelmed.


The staff all wear bandana’s on their heads just like the “We Can Do It” women.


They have their savoury scones. Pssttt….these are my favourite items from them especially the cheddar jalapeño scones.


They also have their sweet scones, cakes, brioche buns, etc.


They have a lot more sweet treats and they change them up daily. They also have loaves of bread and pies.


They also sell drinks too that go with the treats.


Beside the drink counter is a waiting room if you have ordered drinks.


I grabbed a Cappuccino to go.


Nutella Brioche ($3.50) the fluffy brioche was wrapped around crunchy roasted nuts smothered in lots of Nutella. The first few bites were good with the Nutella swirling around your mouth with the buttery brioche. After awhile, it did taste a tad dry if you aren’t drinking coffee or tea with this.


Caramelized Banana Brownie ($3.50) was as good as a regular brownie. I love bananas so I naturally loved this yummy treat. It is a big brownie, so I had to cut it up into 6 pieces and eat it slowly. The brownie is quite rich, so eating the whole thing


Cheddar Jalapeno Scone ($4) is huge and its packed full of cheese and jalapeño. It’s damn good and it’s my favourite item. For me it’s too big to eat in one sitting, but I slowly eat it throughout the day and share bits of it with other.


Pumpkin Pie for 2 ($7) was an item they were selling around Thanksgiving. They had larger versions, but a 2 person portion was perfect for M and I.

Overall, I love certain items at Purebreads. I usually stick with the scones and the brownies.

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692 E Hastings St
Vancouver, BC


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