Prospect Point Cafe in Stanley Park: OceanWise Seafood

Diana Chan December 1, 2012 Downtown, lunch, Seafood, Three Beakers

Foodology Disclaimer: The manager invited myself and a guest to have a complementary meal to try their signature items.

Prospect Point Sign

Prospect Point in Stanley Park has the highest vantage point and attracts many tourists to the area to gaze their eyes upon the beautiful Lions Gate Bridge and the surrounding areas. You can even spot cruise ships passing by.

Prospect Point Cafe Exterior

Prospect Point Cafe is located just right outside the viewing area. They are best known for their OceanWise seafood and ice cream. This place attracts a lot of locals and tourists in the Summer months since the weather is undeniably amazing. In the winter months, the cafe is still open for lunch and you just walk inside and you will find it.

Before going in, you can glance at the menu to see if the menu suits your cravings. The restaurant is straight ahead and a gift shop is on your left hand side.

Prospect Point Cafe Picnic In the Park

If you don’t want to dine inside, you can go to the Picnic In The Park area to grab a quick bite.

Prospect Point Cafe Seating

There are lots of seats inside.

Prospect Point Cafe Patio

The best seats are near the windows where you get the view of the Lions Gate Bridge. Most of the people who were dining here sat in this area and stared out the window in awe of the beauty.

Prospect Point Cafe Wine

Calona Artist Series Pinot Grigio is a light wine that pairs nicely with the seafood.

Prospect Point Cafe Chowder

Serious Seafood Chowder ($9.99) is a traditional chowder filled with lots of seafood. I was surprised since it was pretty hearty and thick.

Wild Salmon Sampler ($24.99) has salmon spread, dill, grilled, smoked & candied salmon. All of the salmon is OceanWise certified and tasted amazing. It’s a great item to share with the table and try the different ways that salmon can be prepared.

Calamari Chop Salad ($17.99) has greens, chopped veggies, crumbled blue cheese, maple balsamic dressing, cranberries, walnuts and the calamari. This dish uses OceanWise squid! I found the calamari didn’t go too well as a salad, so it might be better to order the calamari appetizer instead.

Salmon Fish and Chips ($21.99) has 2 pieces of OceanWise Salmon, fries, house made tartar, signature slaw & fresh lemon. The salmon was golden brown on the outside and delicious and moist on the inside. They rocked the salmon, but the fries and slaw fell a bit short.

Pistachio Ice Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream were both delicious and packed full of ingredients.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream and Black Cherry Ice Cream were both yummy too!

The view from the inside of the restaurant is as close as you can get to the bridge from any restaurant in Vancouver.

If you want a better view of the bridge, you can go outside and take some pictures at Prospect Point.

The view is just beautiful and you can see West Vancouver and the Lions Gate Bridge.

Overall, the food on the menu can be a hit or a miss. I do admire the restaurant for using OceanWise seafood. The salmon is great here, but everything else is quite average. Be sure to grab some ice cream too.

We Rate Prospect Point Cafe:

5601 Stanley Park Dr
Vancouver, BC V6G


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