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Prince Seafood Restaurant is located right by Renfrew Skytrain and is one of the top Chinese Restaurants in Vancouver. They always draw a crowd for dinner and dim sum. Make sure you have reservations or else you may be out of luck.


Crab Meat with Fish Maw Thick Soup 金湯鮮蟹肉魚肚羹 ($20.80) it’s always good to start with soup for a Chinese dinner. My family usually orders this type of soup and it’s very delicious. If you don’t know what fish maw is, it’s the air bladder of a fish that controls its buoyancy. The taste and texture isn’t weird at all.


Diced Beef Tenderloin & Mixed Mushrooms with Black Pepper 野山菌黑椒神戶牛柳粒 ($22.80) is another favourite item of mine. I found the beef to be quite tender and had great flavour with the right amount of pepper. 


Tofu Skin with Ginkgo & Pea Shoots 銀杏鮮腐皮浸豆苗 ($19.80) is one of my favourite dishes. The pea shoots were cooked perfectly and still retained it sweet taste that paired nicely with the tofu skin. I also love the milky broth.


Sizzling Oyster with Supreme Soy Sauce 鐵板頭抽生煎蠔 ($22.80) was a weird dish we ordered since my dad wanted to try it. The oyster was plump was was cooked quite well. There is a bit of caramelization on the outside of the oyster which has this amazing smokey flavour but its slightly sweet.


Scallops and Snowpeas Medley was cooked well. The snowpeas still had a nice snap to them and the scallops were very delicious.


Whole Tea Smoked Chicken was the last item that arrived at the table. There was a large gap in the service when the last dish arrived. We had to ask the waiter if this dish was on its way.


For dessert, they gave us an assortment of little treats. The almond cookie and mango rice roll things were a nice touch.


Then there is the red bean dessert with tapioca. Better than most places I would say, but I still don’t particularly like this dessert.

Overall, always a solid place for a Chinese dinner.

We rate Prince Chinese Seafood:

2881 Grandview Hwy
Vancouver, BC V5M


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