Prana: Dry Roasted Coconut Chips

Diana Chan December 23, 2015 product


Prana recently launched their line of organic dry roasted coconut chips. They offer a unique and exotic taste, and are also 100% organic, gluten-free, with no cholesterol, and offer an excellent source of fibre. They sell in 100g bags for $5.99.

The coconut chips come in four savoury flavours: Spicy Chilli, BBQ, Salt & Pepper, and Original.


We tried Jive, their spicy chili flavour. It went well with the coconut but it wasn’t the best tasting. Still, it was more tolerable than their other flavours. I took these coconut chips to my coworkers and a majority of them agreed that this was the best flavour. The spiciness balances the sweet/savoury taste well.


The classic flavour was definitely a miss. I felt that it was so bland that it was painful eating them. I think I needed a bit more sweetness in them. This might be good if you were incorporating them into your morning granola or cereal, but not good eating on their own.


Hula is their sea salt and pepper flavour. This tasted pretty bad too.


Charleston is the BBQ flavour and was the worst out of the 4 flavours. They just don’t belong together.

Overall, this was a product that was definitely a miss. The saltiness in the 4 flavours made it quite unbearable to eat. I did enjoy the texture since it was very crunchy, but really needed a dash of sweetness. I much prefer the Hippie Snacks Coconut chips.


Disclaimer: I was provided these by Prana to try. Although these were complimentary, the views and opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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