Pourhouse Restaurant: Sandwich + Side + Beer = $14

Diana Chan March 10, 2012 American, Gastown, Sandwich, Three Beakers

Pourhouse Restaurant in Gastown has a good lunch deal for $14, where you get a sandwich, a beer and a side. Since it does come with beer, the price isn’t too bad.

Mandu, KoreanGirl and Jojocake came here for lunch on a weekday, but once we sat down, we really didn’t want beer since we will had some work to do in the afternoon. It would have been awkward smelling like beer in the office. Pourhouse gives you the option of having other drinks instead.

Cappuccino was just what Jojocake needed. She thought it was alright, but the temperature definitely could have been hotter.

Macchiato is what Mandu needed. Similar to Jojocake, her coffee was just lukewarm and not hot.

Tea is what KoreanGirl and I needed. The tea was a good temperature and the tea cups came warmed too.

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Cream of Cauliflower Soup. This is what everyone else at the table ordered. The pulled pork sandwich has pulled pork, BBQ sauce, aged cheddar and slaw. They thought it was bit small at first, but when they had everything, they were all full.

Portobello Sandwich with Cream of Cauliflower Soup. It has bits of portobello mushroom, garlic aioli, and asiago. It was #meatlessmonday, so I had to choose this option.

I thought the soup was a bit rich, but it did have a good strong flavour of the cauliflower.

Since I do love mushrooms, I did enjoy this sandwich a lot. The portobello mushroom had a great taste that went well with the other ingredients.

Overall, it was a good lunch deal since it came with beer, but the service was very slow. If you are short on time for lunch, best not to dine here since you will be late. It took us about 1.5 hrs to dine here. If you do have a bit more time, it’s a good option if you are craving some beer.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Slow service
  • Luke warm coffee isn’t good…ask for hotter
  • Good sandwiches
  • Good lunch deal

We Rate Pourhouse Restaurant:

162 Water St
Vancouver, BC

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