Port Moody Rib Fest: BBQ Ribs and Craft Beer

Diana Chan July 24, 2016 BBQ, Event, Port Moody


The Port Moody Rib Fest is back this year at Rocky Point Park. For rib lovers, this event can’t be missed. It is a 3 day event with delicious BBQ, live music, craft breweries in the beer garden and fun family activities. Free admission too. It is put on every year by the Rotary Club of Port Moody.

This place was packed, so parking is a bit hard, so we parked a few blocks away so we didn’t have to fight over parking.


There are 5 ribbers as part of the Rib Fest:

  • Gator BBQ
  • Boss Hog’s
  • Smoke & Bones
  • Prairie Smoke & Spice
  • Misty Mountain BBQ

All 5 are award-winning BBQ masters that have won multiple awards.


You can eat sitting on the grass or there are a few tents with seats. It was pretty sunny on Saturday, so a lot of people were huddled underneath.


The line ups were a bit long at the stalls, so we decided to order our food and beer in the beer garden, so they would deliver it to us when it is done.


You line up in the beer garden, put in your order, and pay.

They will take your phone number and will text you when your order is ready. We waited about 20 minutes, but we were busy playing Pokemon Go to pass the time as there were 2 lures close by.


The 3 of us ordered $65 worth of BBQ and sides. We wanted to try a little bit of everything.


We got a variety of different items:

  • Boss Hogs 1/2 beef ribs
  • Boss Hogs Coleslaw
  • Gator BBQ 1/2 Chicken
  • Gator BBQ Tators
  • Smoke and Bones 1/2 Pork Ribs
  • Smoke and Bones Coleslaw
  • Smoke and Bones Baked Beans
  • Corn Bread

Boss Hogs


We got the 1/2 beef ribs with coleslaw from Boss Hogs. Very large ribs and super delicious.

Gator BBQ


The half chicken was ok. The skin was delicious because of all the spices and flavour are located there. Certain parts of the chicken were dry, but could have been better.

The cornbread wasn’t from Gators, but it was so good. You need to get the cornbread.


The Gator Tators is basically mashed potatoes. In my mind, I thought it would be tator tots. Still delicious nonetheless.

We also realized they threw in a half rack of pork ribs, they must of misread our order, but we dug in anyways. The pork ribs were really meaty and super enjoyable.

Smoke and Bones


1/2 Pork RibsColeslaw, and Baked Beans from Smoke and Bones had very good flavours. Not has meaty as the Pork Ribs from Gators, but still had a good smokey flavour.

Ordering beer


You need to purchase tokens and the get your beer. Craft beer is $5.50 and wine is $7. All the beer available are from the Port Moody Breweries across the street – Moody Ales, Twin Sails, Yellow Dog and Parkside.


Seat in Beer Garden


There is tons of seating and definitely nothing to worry about in the beer garden.



The Port Moody Rib Fest is always a treat to go to, but it can be very busy. Some people had to wait over an hour to get their food. We came at 1pm and the lines were not as crazy yet. Like any festival, there are going to be waits, but you just need to be prepared. For us, Pokemon Go helped us pass the time. hahaha.

I really enjoyed hanging out with my foodie friends seating BBQ and drinking beer. I would go again.


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