Poomba’s Smokehouse: Pulled Pork Sliders

Diana Chan November 9, 2014 American, BBQ, British Columbia, Food Carts, Three Beakers


Poomba’s Smokehouse is a food truck in the Fraser Valley. This mobile eatery served up Carolina style smoked pulled pork to guests at the Fraser Valley Food Show. It was one of the more appealing items in the food section.

They show up at a lot of special events in the Fraser Valley, so you always have to keep an eye out on the Facebook page to see where they will be next.


Pulled Pork with Slaw for those that don’t want something gluten-free. It was good! Less the carbs and more protein. The pulled pork was good and it was slathered in yummy BBQ sauce.


Baby Poomba Pulled Pork Slider with Chips was simple and reminded me of a cute lunch. The side of chips reminded me of Lays potato chips. The pulled pork was juicy and tender.


Overall, it’s decent BBQ, but I’m still on the hunt for mouth-watering BBQ. The truck is always on the move, but if you are at any special events in town, they may be there.

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