Point Zero Four Fusion: Mediocre Hot Pot

Diana Chan January 23, 2013 All You Can Eat, Richmond, Two Beakers

Flo and I bought a voucher from SocialShopper to use at Point Zero Four Fusion. The voucher would entitle us to all you can eat hot pot for 2 people, plus a soup base of our choice, 2 drinks and 2 sauces. For $25 it wasn’t a bad deal at all.

After we bought it, our friends warned us about this place. We looked online and saw horrid reviews. I know it’s probably not good to read reviews before going to a restaurant. We tried to keep an open mind when we visited.


The interior is very large and has tons of seating!

Point Zero Four Fusion

We both had Sour Plum juice to go with the hot pot. It’s not a drink for everyone, but pairs nicely.

Point Zero Four Fusion

We added a few dollars to upgrade the drink to unlimited. The server wasn’t very keen on refilling our drinks and we ended up only drinking our 2 cups and the jug. We felt kinda ripped off since they said it was unlimited.

Point Zero Four Fusion

Satay Soup + Spicy soup wasn’t included in the voucher, so we added a few dollars to upgrade. There is definitely a few upgrades you need to do on top of the voucher to get a good experience.

Point Zero Four Fusion

Our frog legs, pork collar, sirloin beef,  and grade beef.

Point Zero Four Fusion

Siu choy, tong ho, spinach, and baby bok choy.

Point Zero Four Fusion

 Mushrooms, bean curd, tofu, fish, chicken, shrimp balls, beef ball, and cuttlefish balls.

Point Zero Four Fusion

black fungus, frozen tofu. pork blood, tofu puffs, and glutenous balls.

An incorrect amount of items arrived at our table. We only ordered 2 pieces of pork blood, but there was 6 pieces. We were not that thrilled about eating that much pork blood. The quality of most of the items on their all you can eat menu were OK, but not very amazing.

A few items we ordered did not arrive. We were missing some meat, oysters, noodles and some cooked items. We didn’t realize till the end but decided not to bother the waitress since she seemed very rude. The experience here was ok, but there are so many other hot pot restaurants around.

We Rate Point Zero Four Fusion

8500 Alexandra Rd
Richmond, BC

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  1. Sesame January 24, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    Went there on an afternoon weekday. For ~$8 AYCE is definitely a good deal.

    • Dianachan8 January 27, 2013 at 4:34 pm

      Wow! Thats pretty awesome for the weekday!

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