Po King Seafood Restaurant: $158 Set Menu of Disappointment

Diana Chan March 18, 2012 Chinese, South Burnaby, Two Beakers

My parents wanted to have a dinner with the whole family and they decided to choose Po King Seafood Restaurant. My parents usually come here for dim sum and love the portions, quality and price.

I was always quite skeptical about this restaurant because it has horrible reviews and several health violations.

Even though it was King Crab season, this place was pretty empty. My parents don’t like King Crab, so we decided to get the ‘Dinner for 5’ that costs $158.

It comes with:

  • Shark’s Fin & Chicken in Superior Stock (5 pots)
  • Peking duck
  • Braised Live Lobster
  • Sauteed Diced Duck served with lettuce
  • Steamed chicken with ginger sauce
  • Steamed fish and vegetables
  • Prawn and duck fried rice with abalone sauce
  • Dessert

Tea! I must have tea with everything I eat!

Shark’s Fin & Chicken in Superior Stock was ok, but I didn’t know if it’s real or fake. But my parents told me it was real but of cheap quality.

If it is real, I would be quite disappointed at this restaurant. With all the buzz going around with the ethics behind shark finning, I am very sad that people still continue to serve this. Especially in Vancouver, when we are into sustainable ingredients.

Nonetheless, I really felt really bad consuming this, but I did. Since there wasn’t a lot of tables in the restaurant…the managers did seem like they were staring at us. The taste was alright, but I had to add a bit of red vinegar to make it to my liking. Nothing was special about it and the fin tasted like mushrooms.

In the future, I will probably refrain from ordering any shark fin… real or fake.

Peking Duck Wraps comes with some hoisin sauce, spring onions, and pancake wraps. It’s presented like this so you can do it yourself and put it together. Just take a little bit of everything and it should look like this.

I thought it tasted ok, but not amazing. My parents were very disappointed by the duck and questioned if it was even freshly made today. They suspected it was just reheated and served. The meat wasn’t moist at all.

Braised Live Lobster looked great, but the texture was way off. The meat was very chewy and tough.

Sauteed Diced Duck served with lettuce. You are given a pile of lettuce leaves.

You then take a few scoops of the diced duck and put it on the lettuce.

Then you will get this! Wrap it up so none of the filling falls out and then munch away. This was good and I love the crunch of the lettuce to go with the savory filling.

Steamed chicken with Ginger Sauce was addictive with the ginger sauce!

Prawn and duck fried rice with abalone sauce was alright. Nothing amazing, but decent.

Steamed fish and vegetables was good but I really didn’t like the deep fried fish. Other than that, everything else was pretty solid.

Green Bean Soup was alright as well.

Overall, the food was decent, but we didn’t like how some of the items did not seem fresh. My parents were disappointed by the overall quality and they are usually passive about everything. It makes me a bit sad to see them sad over a meal since food is supposed to make people happy. Safe to say, we will probably never return here for dinner.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Free parking on side
  • Mediocre service
  • Decent food, but freshness can be questioned
  • Busy for dimsum, empty for dinner

We Rate Po King Seafood Restaurant


5665 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5H

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