5 Reasons to go to Playland Nights in July

Diana Chan July 10, 2017 British Columbia, Event

Finally, an event we are all are looking forward to – Playland Nights for 19+. It is running every Friday for the month of July from 7pm till midnight. We checked out the first night of Playland Nights and had an absolute blast! If you are the first 100 people to purchase a ticket for the night, you get a special price of $22. The best way of saving money is to purchase tickets ahead of time and online rather than at the gate.

1. Craft Beers, Wines and Playland Inspired Cocktails

The grounds are fully licensed, so guests can enjoy their favourite beverage throughout the park while enjoying the games and rides. In addition to the craft beers, wines and Playland inspired cocktails – including Candy Floss Martinis, Candy Appletinis and Snow Cone vodka drinks, guest DJs will be spinning under the twinkling lights of Playland.

  2. Shorter Lines

For some rides, line ups were non-existent, which makes the experience much better. When the gates open at 7pm, there is barely anyone here, so come early before the crowds build around 10pm. A few rides that have slightly longer waits are – Wooden Roller Coaster, Atmosfear, The Beast, and Hellevator.

3. No Kids

If you don’t like kids or what to be away from the little ones for a night, you won’t find a single kid here. No kids, no criers, no problem.

4. Fun Rides and Attractions

The same great rides are open for all the enjoy. A few rides were closed, but there are 31 different rides and attractions to check out.

Even going on kiddie rides is really fun after having a few beers. Of all the times I’ve been to Playland. this was the most fun I’ve had here.

Most of the rides and attractions come with the ticket, but a few are extra like the Revelation and Drop Zone. Of the two, my favourite was the Revelation. Super fun, but it is $25 for 2 people.

5. Snacks

There are some stalls selling snacks to keep you satisfied during the evening. We found corn dogs and oreo churros. We didn’t fill up too much since we were focused on riding a lot of rides without getting too sick.

Final Thoughts

Playland Nights is awesome and I would highly recommend it if you are looking to do something different this July. Alcoholic drink and rides make a great combination. Don’t forget 2 pieces of ID when you enter and don’t think about sneaking in a flask because they check bags upon entry.


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