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Diana Chan September 15, 2013 Gastown, Italian, Kid Friendly, pizza, Three Beakers

Pizzeria Ludica

On the outside, it still looks like the late Verace Pizzeria. It recently changed ownership and is now Pizzeria Ludica. They opened last week but did not publicly announce it to test the waters. M and I work close by and pass by all the time. When I saw Verace Pizzeria was closed, I was a bit sad, but on the door it said Pizzeria Ludica is opening in its place.

Don’t let the exterior fool you, they just haven’t gotten their new signs yet.

Pizzeria Ludica

The interior looks similar too.

Pizzeria Ludica

What makes them different than the other pizzerias is that they have over 500 board games. It’s all on the back wall. They have the usual board games to more unique games that places like Walmart or Target won’t have. Their collection is quite impressive.

M regularly plays board games so he found it cool that there were so many he hasn’t heard of. There’s no extra change to play games.

They are also happy to teach people new games to play. Very insightful staff!

Pizzeria Ludica

They even have simple games for kids too. Definitely a great place to take your family.

Pizzeria Ludica

M and I played Smash Up while we waited for our order. Lets just say, I kick ass in board games and I beat M. It’s quite a fun game.

Pizzeria Ludica

While we were playing the game, the food all arrived. I must say, it was a challenge eating pizza, drinking, and playing games.

The menu items are similar to Verace.

Pizzeria Ludica

Limonata Al Mosmario has freshly squeezed lemons, rosemary and soda.

Pizzeria Ludica

Menabrea Beer ($5.50) was pretty good and had a bit of  citrus notes in the beer.

Pizzeria Ludica

Proscuitto Cotto e Funghi ($12.99) comes with mozzarella, ham and mushrooms. It was good, but need some more of a mushroom punch.

Pizzeria Ludica

Margherita ($10.99) was one of the specials of the day. It is served with plum tomato sauce, fior di latte mozzarella, finished with grana padano, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil.

The pizza was a good size, good for individual or sharing at about 12 inches. The quality was alright, but there could be more improvements. The basil was sparse and didn’t seem very fresh as it could be.

Pizzeria Ludica

There are 3 types of oils you can dip with your pizza – chili oil, rosemary oil and garlic oil. My favourite was the garlic.

Pizzeria Ludica

Overall, great concept with good quality board games. The pizza could use a bit of improvement since the pizza was a bit soggy in the centre and would flop over when eating. It’s quite hard eating it by hand, perhaps a knife and fork would be better. But, I’ve heard thats the style of Neapolitan pizza. I just prefer my pizza to be a bit more crunchy.

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  1. alize November 5, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    I see so often at the pizza joints on tv. Slices so big is folded in half. Try that or fork /knife method.

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