Pizzeria Farina: Amazing Pizza in Vancouver

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Pizzeria Farina is located right by the entrance to Chinatown near the Viaducts. They open daily at 5pm and stays open until the dough runs out. This place is really close to my work and never open for lunch. Apparently they always run out of dough, around 8pm or 10pm depending on the day you’re here. They are also the same owners as Ask for Luigi and Pourhouse.

I came here with M, KoreanGirl and Scarface came here on a Friday after work to enjoy some great pizza. You can either eat in or take out.


The interior is quite small and cozy. You will find a communal dining table in the centre for 10 – 12 people.


The are also 2 tables of 2 and 4 seats by the window. So, that’s about 20 seats in total.


They have sparkling or still water on tap! Pretty awesome! I’ve slowly grown to like sparkling water, so it’s great you don’t have to pay for it.


They also have different sodas. We got Boylan Ginger Ale, Boylan Cane Cola and Brio Chinotto.


Margherita ($12) has tomato sauce, mozzarella, olive oil and basil. It was basic, but it was so good! The dough was thin and crispy with the perfect amount of toppings. I could eat this all day! Highly Recommended!


Funghi ($15) has Mushrooms, mozzarella, parmesan, red onions, garlic and arugula. The edges were a bit burnt, but this pizza was good too. It was crispy at first, but if you do wait too long, it will get soggy in the centre because of all the cheese.


Special ($15) has tomato sauce with prosciutto cotto, pancetta, parmesan, fior de latte & fresh basil. Mmm that pancetta was really good on the pizza.


They also have Chili Infused Olive Oil and Oregano Infused Olive Oil for the pizza. The chili one is quite hot, so don’t have too much. But, it is really good.


Overall, Pizzeria Farina has amazing pizza! I would definitely recommend it. Start with the Margherita Pizza as that is the best one! MMmmmm mmmmmm this place is really good! One of the best pizzeria’s in Vancouver.

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915 Main Street
Vancouver BC


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