Pinkberry @ Metropolis: Swirl Pearls and Swirled Flavours

Diana Chan December 5, 2011 Dessert, South Burnaby, Three Beakers

Pinkberry has opened their newest location at Metrotown. I was really looking forward to this since its always a pain to drive all the way to North Vancouver to get my fix of froyo. I came here with a CCK, Gmoney and Jewels to get some frozen yogurt.

Inside Metrotown, there are also 2 other frozen yogurt stores – Yogen Fruz and Qoola. I personally prefer Pinkberry due to their variety of yogurt flavors and fresh unlimited toppings. The Pinkberry location is beside Nandos near the Food court.

The interior is very nice and accommodates more of take-out rather than sitting down and chatting. They only have 3 tables that sit either 2 or 3 people, so it’s not an ideal place to come with friends to chill. Perhaps grab it to-go and head downstairs to stare at some puppies and kittens at Pet Habitat.

They have 6 flavours to choose from, but if you are indecisive, you can combine flavours together without any extra charge.

They have many sizes available, but either a small or medium will be a good size for the average person.

You can choose as many toppings as you want, as long as it fits comfortable in your cup.

There’s a lot of toppings… from chocolates to sour candies… even cereal.

I personally gravitate towards the fresh fruit section since I think fruits are the perfect compliment to frozen yogurt. The mochi is really good too. Soft and chewy.

Swirl of original and green tea (Medium with Toppings -$6.55). I put in all the fruits – watermelon, kiwi, pineapple, strawberry, blackberries and oranges. I also added mochi and the two types of swirl pearls. With the combination of flavours, the original flavour overpowered the green tea flavour since the original flavour has more of a a sweet and tart taste.

The swirl pearls reminded me of salmon roe on sushi. As you bite into the pearls, the ball pops and you taste the sweet liquid. Don’t get too many or else it’ll just get annoyed to pop them. Its still quite fun.

Mango (Medium with Toppings -$6.55) is fruity and sweet.

Original (Medium with Toppings -$6.55) is sweet and tart. You can’t go wrong with this unless you really hate tart taste.

Overall, we were pretty satisfied with the frozen yogurt. Better quality than the other frozen yogurt stores in the mall.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Peppermint Flavour tastes like toothpaste…and looks like toothpaste
  • If unsure of flavour, you can ask them for samples before deciding which flavour you want
  • Must try swirl pearls since they can only be found at Pinkberry
  • Small or medium is a good size

We Rate Pinkberry: 
F142 – 4700 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5H4M1
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