Pink Elephant Thai: 5 Year Annivesary

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Pink Elephant Thai has been on Alberni Street for 5 years. To celebrate, they are having a 5 year anniversary special where you get 5 dishes for $55. You get 2 appetizers, 2 bowls of rice and 3 entrees to choose from. The 5 dishes are good enough for 3 -4 people.

We were invited to come here to try all of the items on their special menu.


The interior is pink and looks very modern.



There are 10 appetizers you can choose from:

  • Spring Rolls
  • Chicken Satay
  • Thai Fish Cakes
  • Thai Shrimp Cake
  • Thai Style Pork Cheek
  • Crispy Tofu
  • Som Yum Papaya Salad
  • Larb Gai
  • Yum Neau
  • Tom Yum Gai


Spring rolls were average. There’s only so much you can really do to transform a spring roll. Our portion size was a lot larger since we had 10 people. You can have this with minced pork or vegetarian.


Thai Fish Cakes was an enjoyable dish especially with the accompanying sauce.


Chicken Satay was dry and I didn’t like the texture of it. The flavour of it was good, but texture played a bit part in enjoying the dish.


Crispy Tofu was a delight. It was very crispy on the outside and inside, there was the soft silky tofu. It comes with a sweet chili sauce.


Thai Style Pork Cheek were tender and full of flavour. 5 pieces to the order and each bite was really good.


Larb Gai is a spicy thai ground chicken salad with fresh lime juice, roasted rice, nam-pla and Thai spices. Surprisingly it had a good amount of heat. I love the heat since I usually find most spicy dishes, weak in spice.


Thai Shrimp Cakes is another deep fried dish and had a good amount of filling inside. Definitely a good dish to get.


Yum Neau is a Thai beef salad and was quite spicy. It has sliced grilled New York beef mixed with fresh lime juice, nam-pla and Thai chili.


Tom Yum Gai is a hot and sour soup with mushrooms, tomato, lemongrass and Thai spices. You can choose it with chicken or tofu.



There are 10 entrees and you can choose if you want chicken, beef or vegetarian

  • Yellow Curry
  • Red Curry
  • Green Curry
  • Thai Basil Stir-fried
  • Thai Black bean sauce
  • Cashew Nut Stir-fried
  • Pad Thai Noodles
  • Pad Kee Mao
  • Chilli Pepper Fried Rice
  • Mixed Seasonal Vegetables with oyster sauce


Pad Thai Noodles is a classic dish. It has tamarind sauce, tofu, ground peanuts, egg, green onions, and bean sprouts. Pretty good item.


Red curry has coconut milk, bamboo shoots, bell peppers and fresh basil. Grab the bowl of rice and slather this curry all over it.


Yellow curry has coconut milk, diced fresh pineapple and bell peppers.


Green Curry has coconut milk, eggplant, snap peas, bell peppers and fresh basil. One of my favourite curries of the evening.


Cashew Nut Stir-fried with onions, bell peppers and roasted chili. I liked the added texture from the cashews.


Thai Basil Stir-fried with beef, Thai chili, bell peppers, green beans and fresh basil.


Mixed Seasonal Vegetables with oyster sauce was a good dish. If you love veggies, this would be a good dish to get.


Pad Kee Mao has stir-fried rice noodles with Thai chili, bell peppers, onions, green beans and fresh basil.


Chili Pepper Fried Rice with vietnamese chili, egg and diced vegetables. A filling dish with good flavour, but can be very spicy for some.


Overall, I found some dishes at Pink Elephant Thai to be a hit or miss. Chicken is a popular protein to get, but we found that it was more on the dry side. A few items I enjoyed were the Green Curry, Pad Thai, Thai shrimp cakes, larb gai, crispy tofu and the Thai fish cakes.

One thing we like about this location is the balance of flavours in the dish and the use of spiciness in certain dishes.


We Rate Pink Elephant Thai35rating

1152 Alberni Street, Vancouver


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