Pho Kim Long: Vietnamese Cuisine in San Jose

Diana Chan February 23, 2019 Noodles, San Jose, Vietnamese

When we were in San Jose, we were looking for some a well rated restaurant that had lots of space since we were with lots of our family members. Pho Kim Long in San Jose specializes in Vietnamese cuisine, so, dishes like pho, BBQ meat dishes, iced coffee, and much more.

They don’t take reservations, so we called ahead to see if they had some open tables before driving here. Luckily they did. Also note, it’s cash only.


Spring Roll

The spring roll comes in 2 pieces cut in half and it comes with a peanut sauce where you can dunk them into. The rice paper as a little bit harder so I feel like it may have been made ahead of time for the dinner rush.

BBQ Pork Chop and Sunshine Egg Over Rice

This rice plate has a big piece of BBQ Pork Chop, veggies, rice and the sunshine egg but it was more just a fried egg.This dish was ok, but the pork was a bit tough.

Regular or Large Pho?

Here is the regular and large side by side. For about 75 cents more, there is a subtle difference in size. The bowl is better, taller and wider. If you’re hungry, you might as well get the large.

#1 Tô Xe Lua (Tai, Chin, Nam, Gan, Sach)

This has rice noodle soup with rare filet mignon, tendon, tripe and flank brisket. A little bit of everything in this bowl. I like to have a variety of items in my pho when I go to a new Vietnamese restaurant. It was decent and you’ll definitely be satisfied.

#6 Pho Tai

This has rice noodle soup with rare filet mignon. The longer you leave the meat in the soup, the more it cooks. Just submerge the pieces to cook it to your desired doneness.

#7 Pho Tai Chi

The pho tai chi has the addition of the well-done brisket with the rare filet mignon. Soupy, hot and hits the spot.

Final Thoughts

It’s a solid restaurant for Vietnamese Cuisine in San Jose. The prices are fair, they have a lot of seats in the restaurant, but it is cash only.

2082 N Capitol Ave, San Jose, CA


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