Pho Don: New Vietnamese Restaurant on Hastings

Diana Chan October 15, 2013 Hastings-Sunrise, Late Night, Noodles, Three Beakers, Vietnamese

Pho Don

M dragged me to a new Vietnamese Restaurant he found near the PNE. There’s so many Vietnamese restaurants on this block that there are so many options. We usually go to Bao Chau and their spring rolls are addictive.

Pho Don is a family run business and you can see the owners children helping out at the restaurant. It’s quite cute.

Pho Don

The interior is clean compared to the other Vietnamese restaurants in town. There are lots of seats if you want to come in a group. As its new, it’s not too busy, so great place to go during the day or night. They are also open till 2am!

Pho Don

Ice Vietnamese Coffee is a must. M and I always seem to order this to keep us awake.

Pho Don

Complimentary Spring Rolls came with the order of meals. It’s one of their current promotions. We were delightfully surprised since we were going to order them anyways. They were good but I had a feeling they might be frozen beforehand. It was crispy but a bit soft.

Pho Don

Rare beef and beef brisket slices was good but by the time it got to the table, most of the meat was cooked. Not a big problem, but I hate when its not like the pictures on the menu.

The broth was great and tasted super clean and full of flavour.

Pho Don

Bean Sprouts, Bail, lime and jalapeno on the side. I added it all to the pho and it was gooood.

Pho Don

Lemongrass Chicken on Vermicelli Noodles is what M ordered. He thought it was ok but would rather go to Bao Chau to order this.

They definitely have great pho and is open for long hours. There is also free parking in front and lots of buses close by.

We rate Pho Don: 

2838 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC

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