Pho 95: Vietnamese Food in Denver

Diana Chan January 7, 2018 Colorado, Four Beakers, Noodles, Vietnamese

Pho 95 is a popular Vietnamese restaurant for locals in Denver Colorado to get their piping hot bowl of comforting pho. They currently have 2 locations – one in Littleton and Denver. When we were visiting Denver, we were all craving pho, so we went on Yelp and found this gem.

Pho consists of beef broth, thin slices of beef and rice noodles. Their pho soup comes in several variations; some contain soft tendon, flank, steak and brisket. People commonly like to add a hearty helping of fresh basil, beansprouts, jalapenos, lime juice, and sauces like Siracha or Hoisin sauce to their broth.


The space is pretty large and they were able to seat our large family right at the lunch time rush.



Dac Biet (Tai chim nam gau gan sach)

This has the rice noodle soup with a combination of a variety of meat – rare steak, brisket, flank, tendon and tripe. The broth was very delicious and had a depth of flavour to it. I got the small size, which is a good size for a regular person. A large is pretty large for my standards.

Don’t forget to add any of the extra herbs, limes, bean sprouts, jalapeno, or sauces to your pho.

Pho Bo Vien

This is their meatball pho, but we added in rare beef into it as well since they didn’t have that combination on the menu. The meatballs were nice and large.

Bun Ga Nuong

This bowl of vermicelli rice noodles is topped with marinated grilled chicken and served with cucumber, lettuce, beansprouts and chili lime sauce.

Bun Heo Nuong

Similar to the bowl above, it has grilled pork instead.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the pho here is good and the portions sizes were great too. Everything was flavourful to the right amount.

We Rate Pho 95

1401 S Federal Blvd, Denver


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