Philippine Branded Drinks: What I Came Out of the Store Buying

Diana Chan September 27, 2011 Food for Thought, product

After I went to yoga, I stopped by the store for some groceries and well…I always come out buying more than I anticipated to buy. Ever since I went to Kulinarya, I could not stop thinking about the Philippine Brand drinks…I saw them all lined up on a shelf and I must try them all!

Mango Nectar is quite sweet and reminded me of their dried mangoes.   The juice is quite thick compared to normal juices. It’s best when it’s chilled.

Calamansi is a little lime that they have in the Philippines.  It is not thick and its also best served cold. I really like this because it’s not overly sweet and refreshing!

Mango Calamansi was not my favorite. I found that the mango dominated the calamansi and the balance wasn’t quite right. 

Guava is not my favorite by a long shot. I found that it was very sweet and too thick for my liking. I much prefer Vita Soy’s version of Guava.

Pineapple was good! It was sweet but not too sweet. I find that with some pineapple juices, they don’t taste very authentic, but I thought this had a great taste!

I know the Mandarin Orange Beverage from Six Fortune isn’t part of the Philippine Branded drinks, but when I was shopping it was on the same shelf so I grabbed it. Plus I grew up drinking this…and I love it!

I like the taste and the amount of pulp inside. I honestly think it’s better than Tropicana! But…what can I say, I was brainwashed my childhood to believe this is the best orange juice I have ever had.

Have you ever had any of the drinks above?

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