Peter Pan’s Flight in Magic Kingdom Park: Review

Diana Chan June 18, 2016 Magic Kingdom, travel


Peter Pan’s Flight is one of the rides that most people are getting FastPass+ for. After looking at some sites, I decided to get a FastPass+ before coming here. The wait was 65 minutes and it seemed pretty crazy for a ride especially if you have children with you.


I felt bad for those waiting in line since 65 minutes is a long time.

Peter Pan, Wendy, Michael and John on the bow of a magical pirate ship at Peter Pan's Flight

The ride takes you through a dark journey through London where you view Peter Pan’s journey and seeing familiar faces along the way. If you are a fan of Peter Pan, you will find a lot of nostalgic scenes here.

Peter Pan and Captain Hook sword fight on the mast of a magical pirate ship at Peter Pan's Flight

It was just M and I going on this ride, so it was mind-blowing to see how long people were willing to wait. It kinda reminded me of Ariel’s Under the Sea Journey where it took you through the movie start to finish. Definitely a ride for all ages and isn’t scary at all. M and I felt like we could have skipped this ride and used the FastPass+ for other more thrilling rides.

This ride is great for kids and those who are a huge fan of Peter Pan. You will want to use a FastPass+ to  skip the long line.


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