Perverted Ice Cream: Not so Sexy Ice Cream in Vancouver

Diana Chan June 15, 2018 Dessert, Downtown

Perverted Ice Cream is the latest dessert shop to open up in Downtown Vancouver. They are known for their stylish black and white brand with creative ice cream combinations on their menu. I was Downtown with my friends and we decided to stop here for a sweet treat to the end of the night.


The space is really small, so it’s all grab and go. There is a very very tiny waiting area with merchandise you can purchase.

Some of the items here are cheeky, but still not too perverted.

Matcha Macho Man

This has cream and chocolate swirl soft serve, Mondo matcha, coconut crumble, and black chocolate wafer in a naked cone. It’s essentially a dressed up twist cone. The flavour combination was ok.


There is chocolate soft serve, chocolate sauce, and chocolate pieces all in a naked cone. This is a go to for the chocolate lovers out there.

Beg For S’more

This has chocolate soft serve, cocoa, chocolate sauce, graham cracker, and toasted marshmallow.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the flavours were decadent, but the ice cream cones really didn’t wow me. It wasn’t perverted or X Rated enough for my liking. Their marketing and branding are great but felt like it fell through when we ate the ice cream.

797 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC


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