Pepper Lunch on Cambie: Gyozas, Yaki Udon and Grilled Meats


Pepper Lunch launched a few items on their menu a few month ago. We went to their Cambie location to try a few of these items. I’ve been a big fan of their restaurant ever since I had it in Asia. The 2 Canadian locations are a lot better than the ones in Asia but to the sourcing of their ingredients.


The space has high ceilings with natural night during the day. Narrow space, but has spaces for small to large groups. They have a second floor that accommodates larger groups.



Gyoza is their new side dish and it comes in beef or chicken. There are 12 pieces per order. Both types were delicious but the chicken was very moist and addictive. Nice grill marks on the outside too.


Maple Flavoured Sliced Pork Steak


Maple Flavoured Sliced Pork Steak has sliced pork steak, bean sprouts, green beans, carrots and a bowl of rice on the side. This was surprisingly very good. The maple caramelized on the outside of the pork and added a touch of sweetness that isn’t over powering.


Dinner Specials – Prawns and Sliced Angus


Prawns and sliced angus comes with veggies, bowl of rice, miso soup, a drink and mochi ice cream.

I love hearing the meat sizzle on the hot plate from the cooking meat. Delicious and tender angus beef with lots of flavour.


Dinner Specials – 300g Kobe Burger


The 300g Kobe Burger comes with veggies, bowl of rice, miso soup, a drink and mochi ice cream. It’s a pretty big slab of burger. Super delicious and great for people who want a little extra food compared to the regular menu.

Veggie Mushroom Burger


Veggie Mushroom Burger also has bean sprouts, green beans, carrots and a bowl of rice. I usually don’t like veggie burgers but they did a good job making these and the savoury mushrooms really made it taste great.

Yaki Udon


They also introduced yaki udon and you have the choice between beef or pork. It also has green beans, carrots and topped with bonito flakes and green onions.

Stir it around and it cooks all the items in the skillet.


Mochi Ice Cream


They also have a variety of mochi ice cream. I enjoyed the vanilla and black sesame ice cream mochi. All of them were pretty decent and its a nice sweet touch to the end of the meal.


Final Thoughts


Overall, its great to have a few more additional items on the menu. I usually have my go to dishes at Pepper Lunch, but I really enjoyed the Veggie Mushroom Burger and the Maple Flavoured Sliced Pork Steak.


We Rate Pepper Lunch35rating

2323 Cambie St. Vancouver


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    Do the gyoza get further seared from the iron plate?

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