Pepper Lunch Canada: New Location at Garden City Central

Diana Chan May 24, 2017 Japanese, Richmond

Pepper Lunch Canada has opened their third location at Garden City Central, the big complex with the Wal-Mart. You’ll find the same great food sizzling on their cast iron plates.

When you walk in, you order right at the counter and then go get seated. We were invited back to Pepper Lunch to check out the new space and try a few items off them menu, I’ve been a fan of Pepper Lunch since they first opened in Canada. I find it a lot better than some locations in Asia since they put in more care in the quality of ingredients that go into the dish.

Spicy Pork Pepper Rice

The hot sizzling skillet has pieces of spicy pork, rice, corn, pepper and green onions. The skillet cooks the pork quickly, so make sure to mix all the ingredients together. It’s not too spicy and it just gives you a little kick.

Chicken Gyoza

Grilled to perfection, just look at all those lovely marks. It’s a great item to order and share with your friends. I would order this again.

Wagyu Beef Pepper Rice

Sizzling beef sounds so good. You don’t need long for the meat to cook and you probably want it a touch pink in the centre to really taste the flavour of the beef.

Mushroom Veggie Burger

This dish always amazes me as it’s so savoury due to the amount of mushrooms inside the patty. It’s a veggie patty that any meat eater would enjoy, except if you don’t like mushrooms.

Unagi Pepper Rice

The unagi pieces are in an egg mixture with the pepper rice in the centre. When it arrives at the table, I would mix it up right away so it doesn’t get over cooked especially the egg.

8oz Slice Angus Steak

The pieces of Angus streak are really juicy and delicious especially when its just at medium rare. If you don’t want to over cook it, a good tip is to put it on top of the veggies.

Kobe Burger with Egg

Another one of my top favourites. The burger is cut into 4s and is very succulent and juicy. The veggies balance the dish pretty well.

Beef Yaki Udon

This is a dish I haven’t had before. It is beef yaki udon and it’s mean to be mixed before eating.

Mochi Ice Cream

For dessert, you can order some mochi ice cream too. Sometimes it’s good to have a touch of sweetness to the end of the meal and it’s not too large, so its prefect. My favourite ones are vanilla and black sesame.

Final Thoughts

I honestly love Pepper Lunch for a good quick meal and now we have 3 locations to go to. I’ll be back.

We Rate Pepper Lunch

1625-5791 McClelland Rd, Richmond


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