Pepper Lunch: DIY Steak at a Food Court

Diana Chan November 8, 2012 Fast Food, Three Beakers, Tung Chung

Pepper Lunch is a fast food outlet that originated from Japan. It is a DIY steakhouse that is mostly found at food courts. They have locations all over Asia. All of the items are presented to you on a hot sizzling plate and you can mix your food and cook it to your liking. Their version of steak isn’t the same as what you would envision from North America.

It is equivalent to Teppan Kitchen in Vancouver’s Aberdeen Mall.

When I went to CityGate for some outlet shopping in Hong Kong, my sister and I ate here since our older sister told us this place was amazing.

There was a huge wait during my visit because they ran out of rice. Since there was no rice, they really couldn’t serve anyone…but they kept taking orders.

They have some plastic food models too so you can see what exactly goes into each dish. I got so hungry waiting for our order. Fast food wasn’t fast.

After 15 minutes, we got our order.

Chicken Steak and BBQ Wagyu comes with a side of rice, bean sprouts, beans, onions, corn, and sauce.

We mixed it all up and it looked very healthy for sure. The taste was ok, but I didn’t find it spectacular.

Beef Pepper Rice was better than the previous dish. We also mixed up this really well and put in all the sauce.

It looked really good and tasted great. I guess it’s best to order the items that is their most popular dish. My sister loved it too.

We ate our food in the food court seat at the mall. There was a lot of people especially on the weekend, so get ready to fight for a seat. Pepper Lunch was healthy as you can see what goes into your meal and cooks on the hot plate.

We Rate Pepper Lunch:

Food Republic, 2 / F, One CityGate,
20 Tat Tung Road, Tung Chung,


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