Pearl Urban Bistro: A Restaurant By The Sea

Diana Chan February 7, 2012 Seafood, Three Beakers, WestCoast, White Rock

Foodology Disclaimer: I was invited by the owners to try out their restaurant. I brought along 3 friends to really keep this review as unbiased as possible! This review does not guarantee 100% similar service you might normally get from this restaurant.

Pearl Urban Bistro is a restaurant located in White Rock. They specialize in seafood dishes and are located right by the ocean. It probably has a good view during sunset. Their dishes are around $20 and its a good place to check out if you are a seafood fan.

RomanJ, Abbytizer, M and I headed down here and had a double date kind of thing. I’ve never dined in White Rock before, so it was good to see what was down there. There’s so many restaurants!!

The dining area is very hip and trendy. It’s quite comfortable and cozy.

They have a bar with a good selection of wine!

Long Island Green Iced Tea ($6.95) has mint infused rum, green tea infused gin, fresh lime juice, and cola. Abbytizer thought the drink was sweet and pretty refreshing, but the cola flavor slightly overpowered the mint and green tea flavors.

Orange Drop ($6.95) has Smirnoff Orange, Triple Sec, orange juice, and orange simple syrup with the rim of sugar. RomanJ thought the drink was sweet and refreshing. He mentions this drink is more suitable for a hot a summer day on a patio.

Signature Pearl Punch ($6.95) has Captain Morgan’s spiced rum and pink lemonade. Abbytizer thought that this drink was a little tart, but would suggest it to anyone who enjoys sour flavors in their cocktail.

Signature Onyx 30 Minute Caesar ($6.95) has Smirnoff vodka, fresh horseradish, Worcestershire, lime juice, and Clamato. This was the first time I had a Caesar and it was pretty good. The waitress explained that they make their caesars a bit more mild compared to other restaurants, so its great for first time drinkers of caesars. It has a lot of different flavours going on and you probably have to choose wisely what you eat with this.

Amuse Bouche of Roasted Carrot & Brie Soup has Agassiz Farmhouse brie and herb oil. The soup came in a very very cute little cup and a tiny spoon. It tasted really good. They also have a larger version for a starter dish.

Fresh Shucked Oysters ($2.95 each) comes with lemon jelly, red wine mignonette, and horseradish as toppings. The type we had are medium-sized, but that was the selection they had for this day. It can always change depending on what comes in. Best to ask the server what type they are.

The toppings were good, but my personal favorite topping is just tabasco sauce! You can probably ask them for some.

Baked Brie ($13.45) is wrapped in a pastry with spicy apple & pear compote on top. It is also served with other berries and cranberry toasted bread. When you cut into the baked brie, the ooey gooey cheese just melts out and its so yummy on the toasted bread. If you are a brie and fruit fan, you should get this.

1LB Steamed Mussel Pot ($14.95) has West Coast mussels with lamb chorizo and a fresh herb shallot butter sauce. The chorizo looked more like grounded meat, so there was no sausage looking pieces in the pot. Still, the mussels tasted delicious with the subtle taste of the lamb and butter sauce. The best part about it is dunking the pieces of bread into the liquid and it just soaks up all the delicious flavours.

Canadian Rock Crab Cakes ($24.90) comes with Yukon Gold potato nest, celeriac purée, and spinach cream. It was a pretty good crab cake with lots of crab meat inside. It is mixed with a bit of celery on the inside, so it added a nice additional texture inside. This whole plate probably won’t fill you up, so it’s always good to order additional items with it. I found some of the fries in the potato nest were not of the same consistency, some were crispy and some were very limp. This is a bit odd since the fries are so thin.

Seafood Pappardelle Pasta ($17.95) has Pacific Coast mussels, prawns, and spinach garlic cream sauce. Abbytizer found this pasta dish very disappointing. The pasta sauce was lacking in flavor and a pinch or two of salt would have helped it out. Also, four mussels and two prawns placed on the plate does not make it a “seafood” pasta. For the price and quality, Abbytizer would not order this dish again.

Pemberton Striploin with Mushroom Risotto was the feature of the day. M thought the risotto was very delicious and creamy. He was a bit disappointed by the steak since I think he expected a whole steak. He said it still tasted good, but he just was feeling like a meat kinda of day.

Seared Sablefish ($27.40) comes from the BC Coast with pork belly, arancini, and squash puree. RomanJ thought this dish was delicious even the though the portion of Sablefish was small. Regardless, the fish was juicy and well seasoned. The pork belly was crunchy and savory, which was perfectly complimented with the smoothness of the squash puree.

Chocolate Pate ($9) has Creme fraiche ‘pearl’, macerated cherries, and hazelnut praline. We all agreed this was the best, yet the smallest dessert. Don’t let these little cubes fool you! Since the cubes are like a ganache, it is very rich. It comes with 4 pieces, so its good for sharing.

Marble Chocolate Cheesecake comes with berry compote. It quite large, so definitely sharable! I personally enjoyed this dish.

Warm Apple Galette ($9) comes with vanilla bean ice cream and maple candied bacon. Abbytizer enjoyed this dessert a lot. It offered different textures, from crisp and crunchy to soft and smooth. The caramel sauce was delicious as well.

Vanilla Creme Brulee ($9) was good. It was nice and creamy on the bottom with the hard shell of sugar on top. Our favorite part was just cracking the sugar layer with our spoons.

For the desserts, we were all quit torn on which one was our favorite since each person had a different answer. It comes down to a matter of personal preference.

Overall, the dishes are good and they have a decent selection of food. One thing we thought that could have been improved was the speed of service and a bit of tweaking on a few dishes. We thought the appetizers and entrees took a while to arrive at the table. Maybe it was just a busy night.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Delicious desserts and drinks!
  • Free parking after 8pm
  • Can be seen as a tad expensive
  • A few minutes from the border
  • Good for dates

We Rate Pearl Urban Bistro:

14955 Marine Dr
White Rock, BC V4B

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