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Diana Chan December 20, 2015 British Columbia, product


Presidents Choice recently launched the PC Insiders Collection, which comprises of over 70 of their delicious and innovative products created specially for the holiday season. I have alway been a fan of Presidents Choice and they really are coming up with some yummy products.


They provided me a few items to try, but since they had a few more items in the collection, I purchased a few more on my own. I’m a regular shopper at Superstore, so it was easy picking up a few extra items for this review. When you’re in Superstore, you won’t be able to miss the signs about the Insiders Collection…it’s everywhere.



PC Speculoos Cookie Butter Crushed Cookie Spread is pretty amazing. It rivals Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, but the consistency is more goopy. The spread was inspired by the traditional spiced cookie from Belgium and Netherlands. The spread contains a good amount of crushed cookies.


Butter Chicken Poutine Kit was an interesting concept and I thought it would be odd. Item to try, but when do I say no to trying something? The flavours were nice too but the fries were only as good as what oven fries can taste like. If you have a deep fryer, I think it would be a lot better.


PC Scottish Shortbread was ok and tasted like any other shortbread. What I liked about this was the beautiful tin. It’s nice and colorful to just have it under the tree. A lot better packaging that other cookie tins. You can just remove the cardboard bit with the description.


Pulled Beef Poutine Pie was an odd item at first. After cooking it, I found that the pulled beef flavour was delicious. The fries on top were a bit weak since its only baked in an oven. You would have to find a way to make them crisp. Majority of them were limp except the one right at the top.


PC Giant Corn Nuts are made with Peruvian Cusco corn so thats why the kernels are so large. It’s a pretty good snack and I like the crunchy texture.


PC Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Popcorn was delicious and my entire office went crazy after trying this. It is popcorn covered in crunchy caramel coating and lightly sprinkled with sea salt. Each piece is fully enrobed in either dark or milk chocolate. If you see this, definitely grab a box. When I shared a few with my coworkers, they immediately went to Superstore and Loblaws City Market to get some, but they were low on stock already. After scouring town, it looks like theres a lot at Shoppers locations.


Loads of Mango Fruit Bars isn’t officially on the PC Insiders Collection but I thought I would still add it in here. This popsicle is like frozen mango puree and lots of mango chunks. Pretty awesome. You gotta try this. Im pretty addicted to this.


Milk Chocolate Caramel Thins also isn’t in the PC Insiders Collection, which doesn’t make sense since it has the same packaging as the popcorn. They remind me of After8 mint thins, but inside, its gooey caramel.


Toffee and Sea Salt Chocolate Squares is awesome too or I just have a sweet tooth for chocolate and salt. It’s a big box, but there’s not too many pieces inside compared to the Caramel Thins.

Some items in the PC Insiders Collection don’t make sense like potatoes, flatbread and eggs. Also, on the store shelves, it’s hard to differentiate whats part of the collection or not. I thought I had a few items that were but apparently they aren’t. Even when you go to the store, it looks like everything is part of the collection since signs are everywhere.

Either way, check out some of these cool PC items.


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