PC Pho Broth: Pho at Home

Diana Chan March 20, 2018 product

President’s Choice has created their own version of pho broth inspired by one of the most popular dishes in Vietnam. If you are inclined to make pho at home, you can now at the comfort of your own kitchen.

I love eating pho and I never considered making it at home because it is quite labour intensive making your own broth. This PC pho broth has rich beef, sweet Asian spices, savoury onion, warming ginger and fish sauce. You can then top it with rice noodles, fresh herbs and vegetables for a classic pho, or use it to cook rice and infuse the grains with extra flavour. You’re not limited to it’s intended uses.

To enhance the broth, we cooked all the beef and beef ball with a bit more salt in the broth before assembling. With the addition of Thai red peppers, lime, basil and beansprouts, we really made this meal complete. You can also have a bit of sriracha sauce or hoisin sauce to dip your meet into. I really liked cracking the red chilis and adding it into my bowl of pho as it adds an extra kick of heat to balance the flavours. Not everyone likes Thai red peppers as they are very spicy.

You can find the Pho broth at most stores that carry President’s Choice items. It retails for $1.99 for 900ml. They also sell Tom Yum and Ramen broth too.


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