PC Insiders Collection: Winter 2016

Diana Chan December 28, 2016 British Columbia, product

Presidents Choice recently launched more winter items for their PC Insiders Collection, which is composed of their delicious and innovative products created specially for the holiday season.

They provided me a few items to try, but since they had a few more items in the collection, I purchased a few more on my own to test out.

Here are a few of my favourite items.

PC World of Flavours Turkey Stuffing Flavour Rippled Potato Chips

Turkey Stuffing Chips was an interesting item to see. How would they take the essence of turkey stuffing and put it on chip?

After devouring a few chips, you can taste the sage and savoury spices that remind you of turkey stuffing.

PC Tuna Tataki Sustainably Sourced Seared Wild Albacore Tuna

This sustainably sourced wild albacore tuna is seasoned and lightly seared on the outside while retaining its firm, uncooked texture on the inside. It’s in the frozen aisle, so it just needs some defrosting.

A great item to make with this are crispy sesame rice cakes with tuna tataki.

PC Butter-Infused Seasoned Young Turkey with Two Stuffings

I get my turkeys from Presidents Choice and I’ve always had a successfully moist turkey at the end of cooking it. It is infused with PC Black Label Normandy-style Cultured Butter for deeply rich flavour throughout.

This Canada Grade A turkey is filled with two stuffings:

  • bread stuffing with apples
  • savoury stuffing with pork sausage

PC Italian Chocolate Truffle Trio

Inside this bag of Italian Truffles are three varieties.

  • a rich dark chocolate variety made with dark cocoa cream and crispy caramelized cocoa nibs
  • two milk chocolate varieties studded with crunchy crisps
  • hazelnut filling and the other with creamy vanilla filling

Really pretty to have in a bowl on your table. Plus, these taste really good.

PC Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow Fudge

These small bites of fudge taste like hot chocolate with mini marshmallows partially melted. Instead of having a whole cup of hot chocolate, you can just have a small bite.

PC Maple & Bacon Popcorn

Maple and bacon come together in this batch of popcorn. It brings a new sweet-savoury combination. This item can be a hit and a miss for some people. M really enjoyed this item, but I thought it was just ok.

Chocolate Pecan Pie Bar

Of all the items, my favourite was the Chocolate Pecan Pie Bar. The filling is made with brown sugar, semi-sweet chocolate, butter and vanilla poured in a flaky rectangular-shaped pastry. It’s hand-topped with pecan halves and baked until tender and crisp. So good!


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